My life as a Mommy of 4 little boys

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Things to accomplish in 2012

So I decided to make a list of things I'd like to do this year.  Some of them are just little things, parenting things, around the house things and then some are bigger.  It'll be interesting to see how many we actually accomplish :)

  • Find time to take the boys to the park a minimum of 2x a month
  • Buy the above rules and follow them :)
  • Have at least one play date a month, aside from our mommy meetups
  • Finally print some pictures and hang them on our walls!
  • Get a new family portrait and hang it on the wall too!
  • Stop yelling, or at least ALMOST stop ;)
  • Write in the boys "I Like" books EVERY night!
  • Keep up with this blog more
  • Figure out a way to curb the boys tattling
  • Figure out a way to calm down the sibling rivalry between the 3 big boys
  • Make date night with Mark a priority, once a month
  • Try and get out with other families more
  • Go on our first family vacation this summer, even if it's just something small
  • Cook a homemade meal at least 5 nights a week
  • Focus more on the boys eating, we've been slacking lately and we need to get back to more healthy eating.
  • Try to start going to by midnight
  • Keep at cloth full time (we have been back to 100% cloth now for a few weeks)
  • Start going to the library again at least 2x a month with the kids
  • Complete all of "My Plans" I have started in my Bible app
  • Be better about staying on top of housework

I'll probably add to this more over the next week or 2...wish me luck!


  1. I doubt that there are ways to make silbing rivalry between boys only non existent . My oh has been one of three boys too lol. 2.25/1.5ys apart respectively

  2. Not so much non existant just less. Lately they have been non stop fighting and just treating each other really poorly so that needs to be improved :)

  3. I can make something with those rules that you can print and frame :)

    Summer vacation - NZ?

  4. Ooh really kiwi? Because that'd be fantastic! I found another one we like even more, it's really cute but we wanted different colors so I wrote the person on etsy that makes it and still haven't heard back. It's been almost a week. So I'm thinking I DON'T want to buy from them haha.

    Summer vacation in NZ would be AWESOME..but highly doubt we'd be able to make it work this year...but one can hope! And one day we WILL make it work!