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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Isaiah is here!!!

On January 12th I had the most amazing day ever aside from the births of my boys.  At about 8 in the morning I got a call from Dessa letting me know she was having contractions and she just knew this was it.  They were about 10min apart so I hung out for a little while and they kept up and got a bit closer so I headed over there and got there a little before 1pm.  She was laying in bed so I told her she should get up and move around so she walked lots and kind of squatted on the floor, sitting on her feet and got them to about 6min apart.  Then suddenly they went to about 2min apart and at about 3 or so she decided it was time to head to the hospital.  

We weren't allowed back there while she was in triage but Chris text me to let me know she was a 5 and 100% effaced and they were keeping her!!!  After getting things all set up they let me back and she was waiting on her dr to break her water.  He finally got there a little before 6, like THE second I walked out to get some food before the cafeteria closed lol.  They broke her water and she was already having contractions about 20-30sec apart and they just got more intense after that.  About 6:30 she was having a lot of pressure so her nurse checked her and she was 6 and they got her her epidural.  We had to leave the room again for that and it seemed to take forever!  I was actually getting worried something was going wrong it took so long. I called my mom while out there to let her know things were moving faster and she should probably head up there, Chris' mom, sister and niece arrived during that time too.  Finally Chris came to get us, nothing had gone wrong they had just done the epi, got her all fixed up and started pitocin.  The pitocin was already working and she was having some super intense contractions...good thing she couldn't feel them anymore.  She had done SO awesome, she was having some REALLY strong ones before her epi and was a champ handling them.  

After that she tried to relax some, we all just hung out and then her nurse came back and she was an 8 almost 9 and right after checking she had a contraction so she checked her again right after and she had gone to a 9 with just a lip left!!!!  So they started getting things set up then she did 2 practice pushes.  Let me tell was THE most amazing thing ever!!!!  She did so good and you could see his head.  Now I've had 4 babies of course but never had a mirror or anything so I have never actually SEEN a birth.  It was just so awesome!!  April (Chris' mom) and me just kept looking at each other in amazement.  She was pushing so well, her dr got there right after and I moved up by her head so that I could get pics from that angle for her.  After pushing with 2 contractions, I think she pushed about 3x?  Isaiah Lamar Hill was born!!!!  First thing she noticed was that he had 2 teeth!!!!!!!  The dr couldn't believe it, he's been delivering babies for 30yrs and had never had one born with teeth.  We have since looked it up and apparently it happens in about 1 in every 2000-3000 births...pretty rare.  

He was taken to be cleaned up and everyone just kept saying they couldn't believe he had teeth haha.  He was 8lbs 1.8oz (8lbs 2oz) and 19.5in long!!!!!  We all thought he would be so much smaller because she was SO tiny!  They ended up pulling one tooth because it wasn't even attached, just sitting in his gums.  The other is very loose and will probably be pulled before he leaves the hospital.  

He was doing great at first and I was able to help her with nursing the first time, they both did wonderfully!!!!  She said to me " I don't understand why people choose not to do this, it's amazing, it's such a bonding thing"....totally agree Dessa!!!!!  

He did have to go to the NICU and has been there since.  He was breathing fast so they wanted to watch him closer.  He is doing much better today and we are praying he comes home tomorrow!!!  If not then for sure the next day!!  She is doing so amazing pumping for him.  She's an amazing mom already!!!!!!  I'm SO proud of her and Chris and know they are going to be great parents, Isaiah is one lucky little boy!!!!!!!

Thank you both soooo much for allowing me to be there during his birth, it is something I will NEVER forget!

Welcome to the world Isaiah Lamar Hill!!!!  We've been waiting for you and you have so many people who love you, you're going to grow up to be one awesome little man.  You've got 4 cousins that can't wait to spoil you with love and play with you and teach you things

Isn't he precious <3

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