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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Quick Kiddo Update

Since I haven't really been updating like I should I figured I'd do one more blog tonight and do a quick update.  

Preston is now almost 8mo old!!!  He'll be 8mo next Tues!  As of today he is 17lbs 3oz (15th%) and I bet he's still the same length as he was like 2wks ago....26.5in.  He is sitting really well now, he can bend completely down to the floor to get something that is almost out of his reach and sit himself back up.  But he can't go from laying down to sitting yet.  He LOVES to eat now, his favorite thing to do lol.  And he's a dancing fool...he loves music.  If you have music on he's happy no matter what, and he dances like crazy.  He is finally getting over the cold he had last week, he's been much better the past 2 days.  BUT his eye has been worse again today so I sure hope he's not coming down with something else.  

Hayden is doing pretty good.  He is still loving school and the past few weeks when he brings home his paper with letters he's doing SO much better writing them.  Before he would just scribble on the lines instead of writing them..nothing that even resembled the letter.  But now he is really trying and doing great!!  Most of them look just like the should just a bit shaky.  He is also starting to color much better as well.  He's very excited because he got an invitation to a birthday party for one of his friend's from class. It's his first invite just for him :)  That is Saturday and he can't wait!

Casen brought home his report card the other day and he is doing AWESOME!!!!!  He didn't have a grade lower than a 97!  He also gets so many golden tickets at school (those are from teachers other than his that catch him doing something good at school).  He also brought a note home today from the counselor saying thank you because he drew her a picture, also told him what a great kid he was.  He hung it up, he was very proud.  Also in his Friday folder last week in the teacher comments on his behavior log his teacher had put "Casen is AWESOME!!!"  <3  So that pretty much sums it up...I agree, Casen is awesome!  Oh and tonight's book he brought home for his reading was a level 17, he read it with no problems at all, and they have to be an 18 to pass 1st grade I believe.  

Landon is getting over a small stomach bug.  He threw up at school yesterday and was sent home, but he hasn't thrown up again but hasn't been feeling well.  Tonight he was much better so he'll go back to school tomorrow.  He also brought home his report card and I can't remember all the grades but he is doing really well too!!!  His reading is awesome now!  He reads chapter books with no problem at all.  Him and Casen are currently reading for a Six Flags ticket.  He has really gotten into reading lately which I love.  He's really excited about baseball starting back up soon, he's really hoping his old coach can pick him up, so we'll see.  It will be his first season in kid pitch so it'll be interesting.  Overall he's doing great too!

And Maggie...she's good too...dumb as ever :)

Mark has been working insane hours this week.  He went to work at like 8am on Monday, came home about 7pm then left again by 9:30pm to go back to work and was there until 4am!  Then Tues he was up about 9am working in our office but didn't actually leave the house until about 10:30am but he didn't get home last night until after 2am!  Today we left the house at 9am so I could drive him to Garland to FINALLY pick up his car!!!!!!!!!!!  He got home at about 7pm after stopping by the store on the way home where he had to wait for a car to pull out of a parking spot and while waiting he dozed off...he has no idea for how long but when he woke up the car was no longer in sight!!!  Poor guy is exhausted.  He took a nap from 845pm-9:30 then got up and left again and now it's 1am and he's still at work :(  A lot of good things are happening for the company so I just keep telling myself it will be worth it in the end, but I hope this is the end of the long hours for this week at least...he needs to sleep or he's going to fall asleep at the wheel.  I've been waiting up for him every night but if he isn't leaving soon I don't know how much longer I can wait up, I've only been getting the same amount of sleep as him so I'm exhausted too....

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