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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sick visit with our new pediatrician

Last night Preston's fever wasn't responding to meds at all, in fact, it was going up after medication.  So I ended up calling his new pediatrician about 11pm last night, felt kind of bad because we haven't actually seen her before so he wasn't an established patient so I felt bad waking her up in the middle of the night.  After talking to her she said she wanted to see him this morning.  

We went to bed about 12:30am and he finally really slept for the first time all night, he doesn't want to be away from me AT ALL right now.  He slept straight through though until I got up with the boys at 6:30am.  He didn't wake when I got up, well not from me moving, but within minutes he was up because I wasn't next to him anymore.  Poor guy :(  Mark tried to comfort him until I got back from getting the boys on the bus.  I took his temp which was only 101.5, yay!!!  By that point pretty much all meds had worn off so that was good.  We went back to sleep until almost  Hayden woke up late which was nice then he turned a movie on and laid there watching his movie until Preston woke up.  He was SO good this morning.  Preston's temp had gone down even more by the time he got up and he seemed to be feeling much better from all that sleep.  I went ahead and called the pediatrician office and told them he was doing much better and asked if she still wanted to see him, she did, so we went in at 1pm.  

This was the first time meeting her and I am impressed, I really liked her.  She takes patients that don't vaccinate but seemed a bit surprised to hear we didn't and asked why and I briefly explained and thankfully she dropped it after that.  She did say I "had" to take Preston's necklace off...I explained what it was for and the safety features it has and she switched from had to to just saying she felt like she needed to say it just in case but for me to make the decision..thanks,I was going to do that anyway haha. But other than those two small things I really liked her.  She actually took his history seriously.  Our old pedi always said that his prematurity issues were a "newborn thing and he's X months old now so it's in the past" which I KNOW isn't true, the NICU drs who saved his life told me that was NOT the case for him.  Even though he was 37wks he was classed as a preemie because of how sick he was, he should be treated like a preemie and they are different than full term babies in some ways...our old pediatrician didn't care, I'm pretty sure she never even read his NICU report.  This dr read quickly over it while there and really listened about his kidney issues.  She really was great.

She said that anytime he gets a high fever he should have urine cultures done because of his kidney diagnosis.  She also said she'll get the culture results from Baylor (ER we took him to the other day) because some strains of UTI don't respond well to amoxicillin so we may need to switch him to something else but for now to keep up with it.  She also let us know he has a heart murmur.  She said it didn't "sound like one of the really bad ones" but it was enough to mention and that if he didn't have an echocardiogram while in the NICU she wants to send him to a cardiologist to have things checked just to be sure everything is ok because of everything else he's had go on.  So we should know at our follow up on Friday if she wants to send him or not, after she's had a chance to fully read his NICU report.  She also checked him over and said he looks like he has the start of strep :(  Which is really rare in babies, but of course preston would get it.  Also not the cause of the high fever, it's just starting and she said the amoxicillin should clear it up before it gets too bad.  But tonight he's made it obvious his throat is hurting, his temp has gone back up, he's feeling awful again.  He's now had 3 doses of antibiotics so hopefully things will start getting better soon.

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