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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Alright let's try this again

I've been so horrible at keeping up with this, I'm sorry.  But I'm going to try and put in more effort now, hopefully I can really keep up with it this time.  

Let's do some updating first....

Things around here have been really good, crazy, but good.  It's going to start getting even more crazy around here very soon!  We are expecting our FOURTH boy!!!!  He is due June 18th and will be named Preston Blake Jackson <3  We are very excited and can't wait to meet him.  The boys are thrilled to have another baby around here and have been loving helping us choose his name, pick out things for him and feeling him move.  After a really rough start to the pregnancy, tons of horrible morning sickness it finally passed about 16wks, I'm 24wks now and things are going really well.  I finally have my energy back for the most part, no more sickness and generally feeling really well.   We also recently bought me a van that I love!!  It's a really nice 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT.  It's absolutely perfect for us and I couldn't be happier.  Plus finally having a vehicle at all to just get out of the house during the day is awesome!!!  I've been taking advantage of it and went to eat lunch with the boys at school last week, been doing some shopping and me and Hayden have a playdate on Thurs.  It will really come in handy when spring sports start up...which should be in the next week or 2!  It will be really nuts around here then.  Landon and Casen are playing baseball again and Hayden is going to do be doing soccer.  They are all really excited about it, especially Hayden since he's never done it before.  Baseball is crazy enough, between Landon and Casen we have practices or games 5-7 days a week so adding in another kids practices and games we will be nonstop but I can't wait, I love watching them play.

Landon is doing really well, he is almost through 2nd grade already!  He will be 8 in a little over a month, I can't believe it.  Time really does fly by when you have kids.  He is doing great in school but is having some reading issues so he's doing an extra reading group with a student from SAGU (Southwestern Assemblies of God University) once a week to help and he's also being tested for dyslexia...we are hoping to hear the results from that soon.  But overall he's still doing really well, he isn't really behind just 2 levels (which isn't much at this point) but he's still able to do everything he should with the class.  He's been doing SO much better on his spelling tests the past few weeks, he's really proud of himself.  Math is definitely his strong subject and he's really great at it.   He's growing so much and is now 50in and 51lbs!!!!  Getting so big!  

Casen is absolutely loving school.  He is almost done with kindergarten now and has had the absolute best 1st year, I couldn't ask for more.  His teacher is amazing and he is so in love with her.  He has made great friends, and even has a little girlfriend.  He has done awesome on everything and excels in everything in school.  He is in the top reading group in his class and has already finished everything he needs to for kindergarten, awhile back actually.  He is going to be so sad when kindergarten is over and he has to be out for summer for a couple just leaving Mrs. Nutt will be really hard for him. He's already hoping he gets Mr. Bruce for 1st grade, he already knows and likes him and he also goes to our church so he thinks that's pretty cool...I'm hoping he gets him too.  He can't wait for baseball to start but he's going to be on a different team with a different coach this time so we are hoping he gets someone we really like and that knows what he's doing.  He has grown so much too and is now 45.5in and 41lbs!!!  He will be 6 in less than a month, I can't believe it!!!!  We really need to figure out what we are going to do for his party this year

Hayden is also doing great, he has come so far over the past few months.  He has finally given up his pacifier and is talking SO much more it's amazing.  He's also listening better, he still has his moments and has such a temper on him but overall he's so much better behaved.  He is thrilled about soccer, he's actually really good at it, he's good at anything physical lol so I can't wait to watch him play I think he'll be really good.  We are going to start looking for preschools for next year for him, he'll love that.  He loves Sundays because he gets to go to his own class at Sunday School, he loves having his own thing to do.  We had some major potty training regression for awhile but he's doing so much better now...thankfully!  We've been meeting with some moms from our church once a month for a Mommy Meetup for awhile and he really loves that, we have our next one on Thurs so he's really excited.  Now that I have the car I can get him out of the house it helps us both a lot.  We are going to start doing story time and story hour on Tues and Fridays every week at the library.  My tiny man is finally growing too and has actually grown a lot in height since I last checked!  He's now 37.75in and 29lbs!  He's already about to be 3 1/2yrs.  

Anyway, so things are going great around here!!!  Hopefully I'll really keep this up...

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