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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Terrible at keeping up with this!

I am so bad at keeping up with this!  Things are always so busy around here that I barely remember that I have the blog.  So here is an update on the past couple weeks

Still going to church and LOVE it!  So glad we made the decision to do this.  We've been for a few weeks now and attended the Newcomer's Dinner, I applied for membership but Mark wasn't quite ready, which is fine :)  I also went to a Mommy Meetup last week at the park, took Hayden, the other two were in school.  It was a lot of fun, we had a really good time and I met a lot of great moms!  The one that organizes it actually came and picked me up, we'd never met before but she offered and I took her up on it, so glad I did.  People have been so nice and welcoming, it's been so great.  It's always the first Thursday of the month, in the morning, Mark always works then so I don't know if I"ll be able to attend anymore until we get a 2nd car but can't wait for that so I can!  The boys absolutely love church!  

The boys have been doing great lately :)

On Wed I had Landon's parent/teacher conference.  He is in 2nd grade now and doing wonderfully!  His teacher said he is right where he should be, slightly above average in most things which is great!  His reading is a level above what it needs to be which is awesome, we were a little worried about that because he needed the Reading Recovery last year, which helped him tremendously.  She said when you sit and talk to him he is so intelligent and very very sweet.  He's friends with everyone, everyone just loves Landon.  He got his first report card and has all As except his reading grade which was a 78 because he doesn't test well in it, he reads just fine but it's the remembering details for the test he has problems with, but hte past couple weeks tests have been a lot better so hopefully that goes up soon.  He is also still playing baseball which he loves.  He's getting much better this season.  His team is all pretty new, it's him and 3 other kids from last season then the rest are all new to the team so they are still working out the kinks I'm sure in the spring they will be much better, this season has been a bit rough.  He is now 49.5in and 51lbs!  Getting so big!!!  

On Tuesday I had Casen's parent/teacher conference and he is doing amazing!!!!!!!  Sooo proud of my little boy.  He only went to preschool about 3mo when he was 3yrs old, when we moved from Colorado he didn't go anymore.  But he is at the very top of his class, top reading group as well.  She said he is WAYYYY above average and has such a desire and excitement to learn.  He is very very bright and absolutely loves school.  Like I said he's in her top reading group, they'll start DRA testing on him in Jan but he'll be getting books home next week, most kids aren't getting books home yet, just flash cards, so yayyyy go Casen!  He is very advanced in math, they are working on numbers 0-5 in class, really understanding the concept of numbers, counting and all that.  Casen on the other hand is adding into double digits and counting to over 200.  She keeps writing addition problems on the back of coloring sheets to challenge him, he just loves it.  He asked her in Imagination Stations (playtime) the other day if she could do that for him to work on that instead of playing.  He wants to learn everything.  He got his first report card and has "mastered" everything for the 1st 6wks, 2nd, 3rd and 4th and almost everything for 5th and 6th!  I'm so glad he got a teacher who recognizes his abilities and is challenging him instead of letting him get bored relearning things he already knows.  He LOVES his teacher!  He is also doing tball still, a favorite of his.  His coach is having surgery next week so everyone please keep him in your thoughts and prayers, he hopes to be back on the field with the kids very soon.  Casen is doing sooo great in baseball this year, he really GETS the game now and is getting so much better at everything involved with it!   Casen is now 44.5in and 41lbs!  

Hayden is doing great too.  He is, of course, staying home with me.  He had so much fun at that Mommy Meetup last week, I can't wait to get a car to do more things like that with him.  He is loving his "school" (Sunday School), he thinks he's hot stuff going to class by himself.  He's always so well behaved at school and such a sweetheart to other kids, minus his brothers lol.  but I guess that's to be expected haha.  He is getting much better at home too, he still has his days but he's listening and understanding so much more, it makes things much easier.  He is playing blastball this season and really loves it!  He is very good at it too :)  He's going to be really good once he gets to tball stage.  He is now 29lbs and 36.5in!!  Finally growing, he's still a little small for his age but catching up, not off the charts anymore.  

Well I guess that's about it.  We have some other news in another update, but that's going to have to wait for awhile longer ;)

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