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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Things are much better around here

So glad that things are looking better around here!  

It was another long weekend with lots of sickness but everyone seems to be on the mend now. It started Friday, I dropped the big boys off with Grandma then took Hayden to dinner with some friends.  The food he ate made him very sick that night, he threw up twice and was just hurting.  Then late that night Mark got really sick and was up all night throwing up as well.  He was still sick in the morning but feeling a bit better.  We went and picked up the big boys and Casen thought he was going to puke on the way home, but luckily he didn't.  Mark finally started feeling better that afternoon, was weak that day but much better. 

Sunday we went to church, before service was a summer camp meeting for Landon.  We got him signed up and put down his deposit.  He is SO excited!  It's 3 nights and 4 days, I'm really nervous but I know he's gonna have a great time.  The camp sounds amazing and I think he'll get a lot out of it.  He is doing some fundraising to try and earn his way to camp, if anyone would like to help him out I know he'll really appreciate it.  He's going to go around trying to raise the money then we'll pay the rest :)  We then went to service and them to class and it was a really nice service, gave us a lot to think about it, I really enjoyed it and the boys had a good time too.  We ran into Casen's old coach on the way out and talked to them for awhile, apparently all tball coaches are bad this year, so we didn't just get unlucky.  He's going to practice with his old coach sometimes too to hopefully not fall too far behind so that's good.  

Sunday afternoon Landon had a baseball practice and he was playing really great at first.  His coach had him on 2nd base and he played really really awesome.  I'm hoping he keeps him there for games, I was really impressed by how well he did.  Then Landon started feeling really bad though so he sat out the rest of practice and we ended up leaving early.  We came home and the poor kid started throwing up too :(  He was sick all through the night.  So he stayed home from school on Monday.  

Monday Casen had his dentist appt to get his 2 fillings so when I was getting everyone ready to go Landon puked again so I had Mark come home from work to stay with him and I took Casen and Hayden with me.  Casen did great at his appt, yay!  I was feeling pretty crappy all morning, we stopped by to see Dessa and then headed home.  By the time I got home I was feeling worse.  Mark had to go back to work and luckily the kids let me lay in my room.  Then the stomach bug his me :(  I was really sick all afternoon and night.  I'm so lucky I have amazing kids that helped take care of each other, Landon was feeling better that afternoon so he helped get the other 2 something to eat and snack on until mark got home finally.  Then Mark took over and I was able to rest.  Thankfully I'm better today, so is Landon.  Hayden and Casen haven't gotten it yet, hoping they won't either.  

Casen had his 2nd practice today, he was supposed to have one last night but I was too sick to take him and mark didn't make it home in time.  This practice went much better, yay!  And casen is doing AWESOME this season!  He is the best one out there, 2 other kids are really good too but he's most consistent and all around good at all parts.  BUT his coach keeps putting him in the outfield to start, better not happen at games!  He should be playing infield at all times, he's earned his position over the past few seasons and this year is definitely good enough to be infield at all times.  

Hayden is finally eating though!!!!!!!!!  Yesterday he snuck into the fridge and got a leftover chicken cordon bleu and ate half of it cold lol, he ate a few other very small things through the day.  Then tonight he had 5 chicken nuggets for dinner!!!!!  Which is HUGE for him.  The rest of the day he just had little bites here and there but at least he is eating one decent amount a day then little snacks.  Hoping he continues to do better.  His tummy wasn't hurting him today either :)

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