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Saturday, March 26, 2011

A very busy Saturday

Wow what a busy busy day!!!!  

This morning Hayden had his first soccer game!  Well, really it was the 2nd game but we didn't know about the first because we had missed the practice before it due to him being so sick.  But it was the first game he had been to.  He did pretty well.  I think he was intimidated by all the action.  Only 3 kids are on the field at a time, well 3 per team, but with all the whistle blowing and surprisingly Hayden is very shy around other kids and not at all aggressive so he didn't want to take the ball from anyone lol.  So since he wasn't just getting the ball without having to do that he was getting a bit discouraged and was walking picking his lip a lot of the game haha.  He would try and run but my poor shorty's legs just don't carry him as fast as the other kids, they are quite a bit bigger than him lol.  But he still enjoyed it which is the important thing and he got to kick off twice which he loved.  Hoping after a few more practices and games he'll get the idea that he is supposed to be a point...and take the ball from the other team and he'll get more into it.  When he has the ball he's pretty good, especially seeing it's his first year ever playing.  

Here are 2 videos from his practice this week

Then here are some pics from today's game :)

Then after that we had to go and pick up the boys cake from Costco, which turned out GREAT!  We were really happy with it, yay!  We came home to get the pinatas filled and grab some stuff then realized we needed to get balloons filled up so we hurried and left and of course HEB was PACKED!!!  We ended up being late to the party lol.  Luckily we still made it before anyone else.  But while at HEB I got a call from a kid in Landon's class that he was going to come so I was really happy with that because I hadn't heard from any other kids in the class and it was a little boy he was really good friends with.  

We got the park and got everything set up and everyone started coming.  Not very many kids from class came but each of them had one of their very favorite friends from class that came so they had a great time!  We did the pinatas and all that, which was nuts, took forever for those things to bust.  But all in all they had a really great birthday and were so glad everyone that came did.  

A few pics :)
This would be where Mark thought it was a great idea to tie Dessa's key to the string to throw it over the branch...swore it wouldn't get stuck...he throws it once and YEP it got stuck hahaha it was hilarious.  We did eventually get it down but Dessa was ready to kill him

We went and had a really yummy dinner tonight, had a really good time with the boys.  Then came home and got those stinky kids showered and in bed!!!  I bet they sleep really good tonight!  Think I'm going to go take a nice relaxing bath now and get in bed myself.  Church tomorrow then we'll set up the boys trampoline they got from Grandma Gail and pool from Aunt Dessa :)

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