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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Getting ready for sports and birthdays

I think one of my favorite parts of being a mom of kids this age is sports.  Maybe I'm weird, but I love carting them around to their practices and watching the practices and games!  They really enjoy it too, so of course that makes it even more worth doing.  I'm so ready for spring season to start!!

On Saturday Landon and Casen had their baseball evaluations.  We got up that morning and a cold front had come through and man it was cold!!  It's been so nice so it was unexpected, but the cold wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't insanely windy.  Poor Landon forgot his jacket too so he was out for over an hour without one, he was frozen.  I went with Casen to his field and he fielded the ball, threw it and then went through the line to bat.  He did really really well, yay!  Then we gave Landon his jacket and I took Casen back to the car, since Landon's was taking longer that way he could be warmer.  Landon did really well on his too, yay!!  He threw it really well and he even got a hit, granted it ended up being a foul but still for first time batting since fall Mark said he was swinging tons better than last season and then he got that hit.  We already know he'll be on the Cubs again with his same coach but we are waiting to hear what team Casen will be on.  We are REALLY hoping for Rangers again, though it will be a new coach, but we'll see what he gets.  

Last night I got a call from Hayden's coach for soccer.  He seemed really nice and said he has grown up playing soccer, he has an 18yr old, 14yr old and 12yr old..then one on the team so a 4yr old.  He said all of them have played soccer since they were old enough so they are a soccer family and he has a lot of experience so I think that will be really good for Hayden, hopefully he'll really learn a lot about the game.  I think he's going to really love it.  He has his first practice on Wed, I can't wait to get him all dressed in his gear, pics to come of course.  It actually is going to work out really well if they keep practices on Wed, he's doing it from 5:45 to about 6:30 so that gives us time still to get to church and Landon and Casen don't practice on Wed.  Hayden's games are on Sat, Landon and Casen's teams don't have games on Sat so it works out perfectly.  It will probably mean we are at sports though 6 days a week, no one should have anything on Sunday so that will be our only real day off, but of course we have church that day :D

We have decided on a date and place for the boys party.  We are doing combined again because they both wanted it at the park so since it's an open space I'm fine with there being a lot of kids at once.  They are both inviting their entire class, some kids from baseball, church and then family friends....someone help me, what am I thinking?  lol  They both wanted different themes but after talking to some friends last night I have changed it and they'll have to get over it haha.  We are doing a baseball theme and will serve hot dogs, chips and of course cake.  Really hoping they like the idea, they are pretty easy going so I think they'll be fine with it.  Will make things sooo much easier than having 2 different themes.  

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