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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Update on the sickies

Well today was a better day, not great, but better.  At 6:15 we got woken up by the boys (Landon and Hayden) both with high fevers so we got them more meds and went back to bed.  Took awhile for Landon to fall back asleep he was tossing and turning, keeping me awake.  Once he finally fell asleep though he slept until 12:30!  He woke up and his temp has been down all day but he has still been having headaches when his meds wear off.  I think tomorrow he should be much better.  

Hayden woke up at 1pm!  First thing he said this morning was he wanted to eat and wanted a gogurt..he ate about 3/4 of it.  Then I gave him a pediasure and over the next hour or 2 he actually drank it all!  It really filled him up which is great, for the first time in a couple weeks he wasn't hungry.  He only napped a couple of times today for really short times, maybe an hour or so total and he went to bed at 9:30 tonight.  He was up moving around a lot today, playing with his brothers some...mostly fighting with them because he is really emotional and grumpy today.  Landon and Casen have been fighting all day hasn't been a very fun day for me, they are driving me up the wall arguing lol.  Hayden's temp stayed down at 102 or lower all day even without meds.  He said his tummy was hurting but not severe pain like it has been.  Finally about 6:30 I had to give him more tylenol because he was hurting worse and his temp was 103.4.  After the meds had time to work he decided he was hungry and ate a slice of bread with just a little butter on it, well almost the entire slice, a couple of small bites of the crust off Casen's pizza and the other half of the yogurt he didn't finish the night before.  We had told Casen earlier if he ate dinner he could have a popsicle so he had one and Hayden wanted one too and was able to eat the entire thing.  Oh and he had a pouch of the baby food stuff, pear and mango, today too.  So he did pretty well, mostly liquid stuff but a bit of solid food.

TMI alert:

A lot of this is so I can keep track of things happening day to day so when we go for our appt I have it all where I can remember it to tell the dr.  So, today the diarrhea hit Hayden bad.  He has also felt like he was going to puke most of the day but hasn't actually.  

But all in all, it's been a better day, despite the new things happening he is eating a touch more and isn't in as bad of pain so that's good for sure.  I'm hoping this is maybe starting to pass and he can get back to his normal until the appt.  I've been talking to a lot of people that have Crohn's and getting some really good advice and making me feel a lot better about this whole thing.  The best thing said to me so far is that once we get a diagnosis and treatment we can keep things from ever getting as bad as they are today.  So thanks to the mama that said that and I will have to keep reminding myself of that, things will get better and we WILL be able to keep him from being in this much pain again.  So tonight I'm praying for a better day tomorrow for Hayden, less pain for him and hoping he can eat some more.

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