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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mommy Meetup 3/3

Awhile back I started attending Mommy Meetups with some ladies from church.  I've only been able to attend a few since I didn't have a car.  But Alishia, the lady that organizes them, is so nice and has come and picked us up a few times to go.  The first one I went to happened to be the day I found out I was expecting JuneBug <3  They meet the first Thursday of the month. Today was the first I've been able to drive to...have I mentioned how much I LOVE having my van???  

It started out bad because I left a note for Mark to call and wake me at 9:30, it started at 10.  I figured Hayden would still be asleep because last night he was up until about 11, his normal bedtime lately is 10 and he sleeps until between 9-10 with that, no naps anymore...well almost no naps.  Since he went to bed so late I figured he'd sleep in..and he did.  Mark got busy at work and forgot to call, I happened to wake up at 9:52 on my own and freaked out because I was so late.  Hayden was still sleeping so I hurried and got myself dressed then grabbed his clothes and woke him up and got him dressed.  We got out of the house about 10:15.  So this place is supposed to be about a 10min drive from my house...I didn't get there until 10:38...yeah I got lost!!  Ughhh so not a good start to the morning.  

We got inside and Hayden was being super shy so I was sitting on the couch with him in my lap and a lady walked over wearing her baby in an ergo carrier and sat next to me and took him out to nurse him.  Now I don't know if it's weird but I love seeing moms nurse in public...or in this case another person's house surrounded by moms that never batted an eye!  I'm tired of seeing people act like breastfeeding is weird or shouldn't be done, but no one cared at all that she sat there and nursed him surrounded by them and their kids..just one more reason I love the ladies from our church.  We got to talking about our births and they were very similar, even to the reason we had our "necessary" emergency c-sections and she had had 2 VBACs, she already has 4 kids.  We were talking about midwives and other stuff and we had a lot of the same beliefs on it all.  She was great, really glad we went even with the rough start, I think I found someone I could become really good friends with.  

Hayden had a lot of fun playing, the lady that hosted the meetup this time has horses and she put a saddle on one and brought him out for the kids to ride.  Most of them were very excited about the thought of riding but realizing how far up it was backed out of riding him.  In the end 4 kids rode...including Hayden!  He did so well too, he held on all by himself and she took him around 3x, he absolutely loved it.  He says he's a real cowboy now :)  I was really proud of him getting up there and riding all by himself (well with Mrs. Cindy leading Sarge of course) and when his turn was over he got down willingly, no fits at all!  The other kids got really upset when their turns were over so I was just really proud of Hayden, he can definitely be a little terror at times but he has been so much better lately and was a total sweetheart today, so well behaved.  Someone took pics for me since I didn't have my camera and she will email them to me later, I can't wait to see.  

I'm so glad we decided to go even after getting lost haha, we both had a really good time, I can't wait for next month!  Alishia said she thinks we are going to do a picnic lunch at another mom's house and an Easter egg hunt, he will really like that

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