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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Landon's dentist appt

Today Landon had his first appt to get his fillings done on his teeth.  We went on Monday and he needs 4 done total but they are doing it in 2 different appts.  They said that on his 6yr molars the enamel didn't fully form therefore making them really prone to cavities and that is why they are there, not because of "bad habits" or too much candy like the other dentist accused.  I was really nervous but didn't talk to him much about it because I didn't want him to start to worry about it or get nervous.  They took him back and gave him the nitrous and were done in about 20min.  He did really well.  The dentist came out and told me everything went great and they weren't quite as deep as they looked.  I'm so glad we found this dentist, he is really really awesome, the boys already love them and even after this Landon said he isn't at all nervous to go back for the other 2 fillings.  Which is GREAT!  Me and mark thought that this might ruin the dentist for him but nope, he's actually excited to go back and get the rest done to pick another toy from the treasure box hahaha.  The only thing he didn't like was feeling numb for awhile after they were done, but it has worn off now of course and he's just fine :)  

I hope Casen's appt goes as well!  His are just surface ones though and don't need drilling so he should be ok

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