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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

We had such a great weekend!!! It started early because Mark got Friday off and Landon had just a 1/2 day at school. After we picked him up from school we went out to Grapevine Mills and I ran into Osh Kosh to look for lightweight jackets for the boys. Well they were having great sales so of course I couldn't just leave with those :) I was able to get Landon a jacket, pair of wind pants and then 3 long sleeve shirts...Casen a pair of jeans, pair of wind pants, jacket and 2 long sleeve shirts....Hayden a pair of jeans and only spent $100...not bad at all :) After that we went out to the State Fair of Texas!!!!!! This was the first time the boys had been since we lived in Colorado for most of their lives. I use to go as a kid and so did Mark so there was so much we wanted to do with them that we had done when younger. Our first stop was the ferris wheel :) The only thing we all went on. It was great, the boys had a blast. Hayden especially loved it, he was watching out the entire time. After we did that we took them to play a game and they all won a toy. Then Landon, Casen and Daddy rode a roller coaster ride. I took all 3 boys on the carousel. And then Mark and the older boys went on that pirate ship that swings really high. They loved them all but I guess they didn't realize how high the ship went and they FREAKED out!!!! They came off the ride crying, but a few minutes later wanted to do it again haha. Then it was time to EAT!!!! Pretty much the best thing to do at the fair. We set off looking for the fried butter we had been hearing about. Like I thought it wasn't what most people were thinking...a stick of butter fried...NOPE!! This was amazing!! By far the best thing we had! It was about 1/4 teaspoon of butter then battered and fried. It was really more like a biscuit fried with a buttery inside then they topped it with grape jelly (we also tried the garlic which tasted like a breadstick) it was AMAZING!!!!! If you go you HAVE to try the grape jelly version. Mark makes something similar...which we had to do last night because we were craving more of it. He takes biscuits or croissants and fills them with jelly and bakes...SO good too! We also tried fried pizza...not so good, not bad but not worth having again. Then I was wanting a caramel apple but knew it would be hard for the boys to eat but we found a booth that was doing them in wedges with hot caramel all over them so we got that, that was the boys favorite, they were in heaven. When the apple was gone they were eating spoonfuls of caramel. We told them that that was the one day they could go crazy and have whatever they wanted to eat since we are usually pretty strict about that stuff. They even drank coke *faint* granted only a couple of sips each but it was killing me haha. Then we also had TCBY frozen yogurt in the 50 degree weather, they thought we were nuts. We did a few more things and then left, my legs were killing me and I hadn't brought ibuprofen. On the way home we stopped and the boys saw Grandpa Henry for a bit then fell asleep on the way home, they were worn out.

Saturday we had a meeting in the morning that we went to then came home and just hung out together. Later in the afternoon I went and picked up Becky and we went to Gap to get me some clothes. I found out that Gap jeans fit me soooo good, better than any others I have ever tried. But I was out to find jeans and a grey sweater for family pics. I got them both plus a few extra shirts and then went and bought some boots. I love it all. I dropped Becky off and came home and Mark had cleaned the living room, fed the boys and was making the jelly filled things. We had a really good night.

Sunday Mark let me sleep in and when I got up he was cleaning the kitchen for me :) After that we played with the boys for a bit. Then we went to Costco and got some stuff, came home and ordered pizza for dinner. Then we had our family game night, Monopoly again. After awhile the boys were done playing so we had a tickle match...I WON!!!!!! Haha the boys were so worn out from laughing and running from me they passed out as soon as they hit the pillow.

It's been so weird having Mark home for 3 days...and now Landon is off tomorrow too for Columbus Day so it's an extra long weekend for's thrown me off. But I'm so happy, everything this weekend has just been great. The boys have been in the best moods, Mark has just been awesome (even more than usual)...everything was just perfect. Tomorrow I think Becky is bringing the girls over to play since they are out of school. Hopefully this next week is just as good as this weekend has been.

Check facebook for tons of pics :)

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