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Monday, October 19, 2009

Night out with some old friends

Well as most of you reading already know, I rarely ever go out without my kids. Actually other than my birthday and Saturday it had been atleast 2 yrs. But Saturday I just felt like going out so I called up Heather and she decided on the nugget. We went out there and had a few drinks, saw lots of old faces I hadn't seen in awhile. It was actually really nice. Had a really good time! When we first got there Lil Jason and Mexican Justin were there...crazy, haven't seen either of them in a really long time! Then more people came, we just sat around drinking and talking, nothing crazy (like the old days haha). Becky even came out, but wasn't able to stay long. The nugget isn't exactly what you'd call "high class" it's a pretty run down bar but that doesn't really matter. But I was sitting on a bench, where I had been sitting most of the night and I look over and there was a HUGE roach!!!!!!!! I almost died. I jumped up and over James who was sitting next to me so fast, all while screaming. I'm sure it was a sight, but yeah I don't do bugs and this thing was monsterous! But Steven came to the rescue and killed the thing. But then he thought it was amusing to pretend something was crawling up my Steven it was not. Hung around for awhile and then this guy came in selling tamales...which I don't usually like but Mark does. I decided to get a pack to bring home to him. I left around 1 to come home and when I got here we ate some and OMG they were amazing!!! They have some green sauce that was so good. I want to go out again just to buy those things again lol. They were so good, 100x better than any I've had before

Also this weekend Landon had to learn his address, which is pretty long, how to spell it all and write it correctly. He's so smart, he got it right away, now let's just hope he does it right when he gets tested on it this week at school!

Today, Sunday, we also had to take my computer back...for the 2nd time because it can't stay connected to our WIFI network for some reason. Well Mark's boss had an extra macbook pro he was going to take back or sell to his dad, he bought it just recently for his assistant who has now quit. Well Mark asked if we could buy it from him and just pay it off to him and he agreed!!!! So now I have an AWESOME pretty much brand new Macbook Pro!!!!!! Exciting stuff!

It's been a good day! Not only did I get this awesome laptop but I also won a contest on a forum I'm on. I got to pick from the "What to Expect" books and also got to pick Hayden a pair of See Kai Run shoes!!!! I've been wanting their shoes for awhile just never bought any. So I'm super excited about that. I already picked the ones I want so they should be on the way soon!!!! I can't wait to get them.

Also this weekend we weighed and measured the boys, they are getting so big!!!!!!! Even Hayden grew, FINALLY! He is now 25mo, 33in and 25lbs!!!! (12th% for weight and 14th% for height) HUGE growth spurt for him. Casen is now 43in and 36lbs (29th% for weight and 73rd% for height). Landon is now 47 1/2in (he is soooo excited because at 48in you can ride more rides at Six Flags haha) and 46lbs (36th% for weight and 63rd% for height). Some skinny kids lol

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