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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Very long frustrating day...and it's not even over yet

It seems that since becoming pregnant with Hayden my patience has dramatically reduced. I don't get it. I thought maybe it was the hormones from being pregnant...but that's long gone now and still it's not so great. I've really, REALLY been trying lately. Starting last November.....I can't believe it's been almost a year...seems like just yesterday sometimes. I guess it's just a mix of everything, tons of change, it's been pretty hard on the boys and us. I feel like things are getting back to normal now though, thankfully. But I'm really trying to work on my patience for the boys. Doing lots of reading on gentle discipline and all that...which is what we've always done but more a refresher course, getting more ideas because I have found myself loosing my temper more often :( Maybe having the blog will help...somewhere to vent if needed. Starting now...

Today has just been pretty crappy. It's a yuck day outside and it makes me really tired...I have no energy for the boys today. And it sucks because yesterday was a really good day. But the boys have TONS of energy today. Got up after only a few hours of sleep last night and got Landon ready for school, he had his first 1st grade field trip today :D I laid on the couch and right as I started to doze off Casen got up so I turned on a show for him and just relaxed on the couch for a bit and then Hayden got up so I made them breakfast. Then Hayden has just been in a mean mood today. Him and Casen were playing and he bit him...he's been hitting all day and throwing things. I know he's 2 so it's to be expected....well Casen and Landon weren't like this but I know it's normal 2yr old stuff and he's getting much MUCH better at listening and not being mean but today was just a bad day for him for whatever reason. So we played for awhile, had lunch then I put them both down for nap...I just needed it today. Hayden went right to sleep, yay!! But Casen didn't want to so he laid in my bed for awhile, also played in the bathroom apparently too, didn't find that out til he woke up after he finally went to sleep. But he got into paint from my closet and got it all over the bathroom sink...luckily it was just poster paint and came right up....still frustrating, Casen is usually so good, he knows not to do that stuff but not a good day for him either apparently. Hayden slept 3hrs and Casen 2, I couldn't believe it...Hayden's naps lately have been really crappy, he's never been that great of a sleeper and still wakes up almost everynight atleast once. They got up right as Landon got home from school and he had a really good day, lots of fun on the field trip BUT it wore him out so him and Casen have been picking at each other all afternoon and Hayden's still hitting and not listening. Landon has also been driving me crazy with asking me the same question over and over hoping I'll change my mind. Today when he got home from school they had snack of toast with nutella and apple slices with some juice. (first time we've had nutella and OMG sooooo good, if you haven't had it you have to try it, new favorite here for all of us) Well he wanted gogurt, I told him no, he has since asked 6x....he thinks I'll change my mind but I have assured him I will not. But he's been doing that alot lately...quite annoying. Then just other little crap and all of it on top of being very tired and it's just a rainy day out so makes you even less motivated = crappy day all around. And it's not even 6pm yet. Now I have to figure out what to make for dinner and get that started here soon to get our nighttime routine going. I don't know yet if Mark will make it home for dinner or bedtime...hopefully he will.

I need to find some more indoor activities...tomorrow we are going to do homemade playdoh and I have a thing for homemade finger paints we might do the next day. I'm running out of ideas after this HOT summer...too hot to play outside so I used most of my ideas then. Now that it's cooling off I've been trying to walk Casen and Hayden down to the park everyday before lunch but it's been raining so much we haven't been able to as much as I'd like so I need something to do during that time that keeps them stimulated, not just playing with their normal toys. Anyone have any ideas????

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