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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A spider....a monster.....

Today I found a spider in the house, crawling on a wall. It was HUGE!!!!! It was black with white spots and just all together horrific. So I was panicking trying to figure out how to kill it...called Mark as if he could do something. He told me to get a fly swatter..but this thing was so fat I was convinced it didn't have enough force to kill it lol. So then it starts crawling towards the front door...still high up on the wall. I decided I would open the door and hope it crawled out. I sat there on the couch watching it forever...I'm saying atleast a good 30min lol. I did not want to have to go near it. It kept taunting me, acting like it was going to go out but then not going quite far enough. Hayden was so into watching it, he watched it the entire time lol. He ran and got his puppy at one point (stuffed puppy) and was talking to him, couldn't understand him. But he points the puppy's face towards the door and said LOOK like all shocked. He was def telling him about the spider haha. But I finally gave in, I put Hayden down for his nap and realized the stupid spider was not going to leave voluntarily. So I got the broom...I was going to get it. I had to pump myself up for awhile lol. I had the door open still, it was sitting on top of the door so I took the broom and shoved it off and outside the door lol, then slammed the door. But the whole time I was doing that I was screaming. I'm sure my neighbors now think I have completely lost my mind, from their point of view, I was attacking the door with a broom while screaming....I'm sure I was a sight haha. But I WON! The spider is gone!! Go me

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