My life as a Mommy of 4 little boys

Monday, October 26, 2009

Loud noises

It's official....Hayden is terrified of any loud noises! On Thursday they were preparing for the Alliance Air Show right at Hayden's naptime..of course. Well it didn't start until a few minutes after I put him down but he hadn't fallen asleep yet....well he completely freaked out! It scared him really bad. Well it kept on forever, I held him until he fell asleep but he barely slept...about 45min. It happened again the next day. On Sunday we showed him the planes outside and he loved them but he still doesn't like the noise.

Last night it was storming really bad and woke him up and he was, again, terrified. He was really freaking out last night. He was up for a good 3hrs too scared to go back to sleep. You'd think if he lost 3hrs of sleep he'd sleep in today right???? Well of course not!!!!! I'm so sleepy today :( Oh well, maybe I'll go to sleep at a decent time...he just better nap good today so he's not too grumpy

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