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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Flip flops are dangerous!!!

When we had Hayden's birthday party a few weeks ago now and that morning it was raining really bad. I had to take Hayden and Casen with me to Costco to pick up his cake. I was wearing my flip flops, carrying Hayden and holding Casen's hand and we tried to walk fast to get into the store....well I slipped and fell flat on my back taking both boys down with me. It was not nice...I had to still go into the store, my backside completely soaked. Luckily the boys were just fine though.

So tonight Mark had to go out to the car to get his laptop, and it's raining. So he just grabbed my flip flops to wear out there. What happens???? He fell!!!!!!!! OMG I'm dying...since he's ok it makes it hilarious. Especially since he laughed at me when i called him to tell him when it happened to me lol. He said one leg went one way and the other another way and he screamed....he said "I hope I didn't scream too loud and no one looked out their window". He was wearing just boxers and a tshirt because it's pretty late lol. OMG so funny

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