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Monday, October 26, 2009

Landon's first ever progress report!!

Today Landon brought home his first progress report! This year they are actually doing number grades for them so it's his first time having anything besides S (satisfactory). He did sooooooo good! We are so proud of him! These are his grades

89% in Language Arts
88% in Science...but they only took 2 grades (100% and 80%)
96% in Social Studies
98% in math!!!!!!!

I'm especially proud of his math score he's doing so well!!!

He is even now up to a level 8 DRA reading level! He's been going up an average of 1 level every 4 days or so!!! He's been doing so good, I can't believe how much he is really GETTING it now

Tonight Mark stopped by Target to buy him a reward for doing so well. He got him a pretty awesome GI Joe toy that talks and moves...he LOVES it, yay!

We also got Casen a new toy because he's been trying so hard, learning so much. He is now counting to 100 fully on his own and can name pretty much every number between 1-100 when you point to it. He knows all letters, uppercase and lower case and the sounds they make and is learning to read more everyday. He is also learning how to sound things out to spell. So Mark picked him a new Cars race track...he loves does Hayden :)

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