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Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Party

The Halloween party was great!!!! So much fun!

As most know I'm not big on partying anymore, I rarely go out without the kids so these past 2 weekends have been a really nice break but I'm done for awhile...I feel bad even though I know the boys had so much fun with Mark.

Last night was the party and I picked up Becky around 3:30 to head out to Arlington. We had to stop by and get some stuff from Steph first then go to my mom's work to give her some toys for her boyfriend's niece that stays there Sun-Friday, she doesn't have anything there to play with so I went through the boys toys and got stuff to give her. Then we went over to Heather's to get ready!! All of us had some "stupid" moments. I sat on Becky's pitchfork and broke it. I left my shirts at the house! How? I have no clue!!!! But that's ok, Heather ended up having something that looked even better. Then we had to run to Target but David had Heather's car which had her house keys so we had to leave the backdoor unlocked...well we come back and found out Heather only unlocked the top lock not the bottom haha so we were locked out! So Mary (Heather's mom) luckily has an extra key and came and let us in. She wanted to get some pics of us all dressed up so I got my camera out for her to take pics of the three of us with too....well I left my freaking memory card at home, too!!!!! It just wasn't our night lol. But once we finally got the party it was great! We all had alot of fun and took tons of pics which are on my facebook if anyone is interested :)

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