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Monday, March 26, 2012

Casen's birthday celebration

Casen's birthday was Saturday so we told him he was in charge for the day...ok really he told us, he kept reminding us all day haha.  

First up for the practice for both.  He had batting practice so Mark took him, Hayden and Preston since his wouldn't be nearly as long as Landon's and I took Landon to his which was at the same time but lasted 3hrs instead of a little over 1hr.  I'm really glad I didn't take the other 2 with me because I wasn't thinking and didn't bring sunscreen and I was burnt SO badly!  Still getting over that.  

But after we got home Casen decided he wanted to have his birthday meal at Chili's so off we went.  He was so excited he just couldn't contain himself and before I could even sit down he was asking if I was going to tell the waitress it was his birthday lol so we told her and she told him happy birthday and he was just thrilled.  We ordered our food and afterwards someone came over and asked if we drove the black van...yes...a door was open..oops!  So Mark ran out to close it and as soon as he walked out the came over singing so I pulled out my phone to record it since he was missing it but also because it was the first time we'd done that with any of the was full and it didn't record :(  He got a huge dessert which he shared with everyone.

Then he wanted to go bowling so off we went :)  We haven't gone bowling in a long time...forgot how fun it is.  We had a blast!  I forgot socks so I couldn't play so I just took tons of pics instead :) 

Preston thought bowling was boring so he ate his toes instead

Landon bowling

Daddy helping Hayden


The boys cheering for Daddy because he got a strike

Haha Casen bowling, this cracks me up...apparently he was doing something right though because he got 2nd place behind Mark :)

Somehow Preston managed to fall asleep in that loud place

Then we came home for presents!!!

We are weird....we don't wrap birthday gifts.  It started because one year we forgot to buy wrapping paper and all we had was Christmas paper so we decided to instead just let the birthday boy sit with his eyes closed and the person who bought the gift give it to him..the boys love it and that's how we do it every year now.  Though we only do that for our gifts..not parties or anything.  

Hayden's gift to Case

So excited waiting for his next gift

Landon's gift!!!  This was adorable because Mark and Landon went shopping together and Mark was going to get this for Casen but when Landon saw it he was begging Mark to let that be his gift from him he said "Casen has been wanting it so bad, I just know what he'll do!  He's going to jump up and down, give me a huge hug and say thank you SO much Landon I love it!"  That is EXACTLY what he did

Gift from Nikki...goggles and swimming lessons!!!

Daddy's gift...a voucher for a day out with Dad where he can pick whatever they do and it's just the two of them

Gift from Mommy...personalized apron and a voucher for cooking classes!!  He can't wait!

Family picture <3

Last stop of the night.....frozen yogurt!

He said it was the best birthday ever!!  He had such a great day :)  Still can't believe my baby is SEVEN!

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