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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Preston is 10mo old!

I'm a few days late but Preston is 10mo old!!! Only 2 more months and he'll be a year.  Really should get to planning his birthday.  

He is now about 18 1/2lbs which is still right around the 10th% and he was measured about a week or so ago at his dr appt and was 70cm.  He's our littlest guy still, Landon was our biggest and he was already 24lbs at this age lol.  He's still mostly in 3-6mo clothes but can wear some 6-9mo and then even has a few 0-3mo he still wears.  He can't wear anything bigger than 6-9mo though, it just falls off him.  His 6-9mo rompers and sleepers, when he tries to crawl in them his legs get lost up in the body because they are too long.  

He is now crawling up on his hands and knees instead of on his tummy!!  He's starting to explore a bit more around the house but still mostly stays where you put him.  He won't crawl on the hard tile so he really has no choice but to stay in the room you put him in because all of our hallway areas to get between rooms are tile, he will only crawl on the carpet.  But even within the room he stays mostly where you put him, just explores a small area.  He doesn't really get into anything he shouldn't, which we love!!!!!  He's starting to understand no, we rarely have to tell him no so it's taken awhile for him to understand, he just never hears it.

He pulls up on everything!!  He is starting to cruise with furniture really well and can make it all the way around things or down the couches.  He has finally figured out that he can come to us if he wants something instead of just deciding he's done being on his own and sitting up and fussing at us.  He still doesn't really walk when you hold his hands, maybe a step or two but that's it.  Walking is still far off which I love :)  I already have 3 to chase, he can take his time!!  He isn't close to standing on his own either but stands really well with support, never falls anymore.

He loves, loves, loves to eat!  The kid will eat anything, well anything except the spinach apple flavored Plum puffs lol.  Seriously I think it's the only thing we have found that he won't eat.  Well, actually, I take that back.  He doesn't seem to like certain textures of fresh fruit.  He loves any in pureed form, fruits and now any veggies as well, but he won't eat whole bananas or apples.  He loves to eat cheese and cantaloupe though.  I think his favorite "real form" meal is spaghetti!

His sleeping has gotten much better over the past week or so.  I actually went to bed early one night, I was asleep by 10:30 and he didn't wake me up to nurse until 6am!!! I was feeling pretty awesome that next day lol.  But typically now he goes down by 8 (unless we have church or late baseball games) he nurses right before bed, then he sleeps until 4-6am depending on the night, wakes to nurse then goes back to sleep until 7-8am then is up for the day.  So only waking once at night!  Which is the best any of my breastfed babies have ever done.  He has cut his naps down from 4 to 2 over the past few weeks, I still try and encourage a 3rd, he needs it but it's only like a 30-45min nap.  Today I actually got a 3hr nap out of him which is what he really needs to be doing...2-3hrs then another 1.5hr then a 30min then his nighttime sleep..when he does that he goes down to sleep easier and he sleeps better.  But we've also been on the run a lot lately so it makes getting that long nap a lot harder.  

He fell asleep nursing the other day, which never happens during the daytime, he was exhausted

He's now saying mama, dada, bubba (which we think is in reference to the boys and they are really encouraging it now) he has said bye a couple times and night night once.  He's really focusing on what you are saying and trying to repeat things, I think he'll pick up some more words here soon.  He is signing eat and up and working on milk and more.  He also understands a few others.  

He is such a sweet heart <3  He loves on everyone, but is especially attached to mommy.  Lately he's been refusing to give Mark kisses most of the time but will come over and give them to me without even asking haha.  I love it, this is my time that they are MINE!!!  They always like daddy more as they get older because he'll play rough with them and act crazy, boys love that, so I cherish all this time when mama is #1.  I'm still #1 to my other boys in a lot of ways but they are daddy's boys...well except Casen, he'll always be my baby lol and he tells everyone that, his poor future wife lol.  

I think that's it for this month though.  He's doing great!!  He isn't getting sick nearly as often!!  I hope we are through with that, poor guy. 

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