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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Appts today!

Unfortunately I was up most of the night still sick but today I feel a lot better, thankfully.  Preston slept the best he ever has last night, of course, since I was up :)  He went down at 8pm, woke at 4am to nurse and went right back to sleep and then woke for the day at 7:15am and didn't even want to nurse for an hour after he woke!  I'm still in shock

We had Preston's 9mo appt at 9:15 this morning so we got there and wait about 30min to find out that the dr was stuck in traffic and running late.  We waited around another 15-20min but then we had to leave because I had to drive 45min out to Dallas to get Hayden to his appt.  So Preston has his 9mo appt next Thurs instead.  

Hayden's psychiatrist appt went really well though.  She said with his age she'd rather not label him with a diagnosis but it definitely sounds like ADHD and ODD but the ODD symptoms he's having could be from the ADHD so as he grows and we control that the ODD might be dropped completely.  We talked about everything we've tried and all of his behavior.  She said that she would rather not do meds with his age which I was really glad to hear.  I would rather avoid them if at all possible but just want to figure something out.  She said that what they'd give for his aggression are anti psychotic meds and those have a lot of bad side effects, they are recommended for ages 6 and up (though they do use them younger if needed) but she would much rather avoid those if we can so we aren't doing them.  She recommended some different vitamins to try, she said she can't medically recommend them because they aren't taught anything homeopathic in med school but many of her patients have had great luck with them and it can't hurt, it's just vitamins.  So we will be going this weekend to try and find those for him to start.  She did give us a medication that is on an as needed basis.  I can't remember the name right now but she said it was originally a blood pressure medication but then they realized it helped with ADHD symptoms too.  But it only lasts 3-5hrs and she said other than lowering his blood pressure and possibly making him feel a bit dizzy because of that it doesn't have any long term side effects...which is much better than the other stuff.  So she said it's at our discretion...if he's having a really bad day we can use it to help him get through school or the day at home.  I hope to not have to use it, but it is nice to have something that isn't bad for him IF we need it because we have had some AWFUL days...especially lately.  I hope the vitamins will help that though.  She did say those meds might also make him sleepy so if he's having a really bad night where he won't go to bed (which happens though recently that part has gotten better) we can try that.  She also recommended looking into melatonin to try, give that a couple hours before bed, so he can calm down and go to bed we'll try that before the meds too.  

She wants to see him back in a month to see how he's doing.  OH and he's going to start skills training where a therapist will come to our home and help him in dealing with anger and other situations.  Which the psychologist said he was too young for, the psychiatrist completely disagreed though.  Which was a bit weird..the dr that CAN'T prescribe meds was pushing them much more than the dr that can prescribe them.  We should be getting a call for the skills training in the next couple of weeks, not sure how long after that we have to wait until it starts.  

Overall it was a good appt though, I'm happy with what we are doing.  Hopefully things get better soon.  

We will be going to the park when the big boys get home today and moms night out tonight!!

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