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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Preston's 9mo appt

We finally had his 9mo check up today.  We have had to reschedule it 2-3 times for various reasons so we finally got in there today.  I have to say, I love his dr, she is great and really glad we chose her BUT they are SO slow it's ridiculous!!!  It took 2hrs for a well check up and we don't even get vaccines so didn't have to wait for however much longer for the nurse to come back with the shots after we saw the dr.  

He's doing well though.  They weighed him with jeans, wet diaper, shirt, socks, shoes and his paci in his mouth with his cloth attached so not at all accurate lol.  So I'll give my weight from the house this afternoon.  He'll be 10mo in less than 2wks now and is 18lbs 5oz which is the 11th%.  They measured him in cm and he was 70cm (just looked it up and that equals 27.5in) which is the 17th%.  And then the nurse measured his head quickly and got 17in which had me worried because that's only the 3rd%, actually smaller than it was last time it was measured and his head has always been about the 40-45th% until now.  So the dr re-measured and it is actually 17.75in which is about the 35th%.  He has now dropped in % in all categories but is still growing and seems to be doing well and he's thriving so I'm not too concerned, at least not after she re-measured his head.  

She was asking if he was hitting certain milestones and he's doing everything except he doesn't know what "no" means but we literally never have to tell him no...even now that he's mobile he doesn't mess with things he shouldn't so we don't have to tell him no.  So he has no clue what it means.  She then asked if he knew what "bye bye" meant, I said yes but he really doesn't, he is learning to wave but he doesn't really know what it means.  But I know she was asking to be sure he is understanding some language and he definitely is, just happens to not be those words.  He's pulling up now, scooting like army crawl and starting to go forward a "step" or two with his belly up off the ground on his hands and knees, he is also starting to cruise with furniture.  

She told me that ANY fever over 100.4, even accompanied with other symptoms he needs to be brought in for a urine culture since he's had one UTI that we know of, it's very possible he's had more than that because he does get fevers often and not always with symptoms...our old dr never made a big deal about his kidney issues (or anything for that matter) so we weren't having him checked.  She said if he has one more UTI she's going to put him on preventative antibiotics until he sees the urologist again in June since he already has kidney problems the more UTIs the more damage is done...which we of course don't want.  

She is also watching him closely due to his heart murmur.  She said right now it doesn't sound too bad.  She looked through his NICU report and he did have an echocardiogram while there and it showed that he had a hole in his heart which can be very common and resolve on it's own but if that murmur doesn't go away soon after his first birthday she wants to repeat the echocardiogram to be sure everything is ok.  

Other than those two things everything checked out well :)  She commented on how sweet he was, he doesn't know her, he's seen her 2x before while sick but while she was listening to his heart and lungs he reached out and was stroking her face really gentle and then wanted her to hold him.  Sweet boy <3

This was him tonight trying to walk with the pillows and furniture, he was trying to get to me and the entire time calling out "mama mama" 

He made it!

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