My life as a Mommy of 4 little boys

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Break!!!

This past week was spring break for the boys!  I don't have many pics because my camera is broken, I went ahead and bought a new one that will be delivered tomorrow, I can't wait!! I hope I like it as much as my old one!  

We had a pretty good week, had a lot of fun but it was really stressful too.  Last Saturday we met up with Gail (mother in law) because she wanted to take the big boys, so we had lunch and then she left with the 3 older boys.  She ended up keeping them Sat and Sun night and on Monday I went to pick them up, I met her at Sonic (Dessa's work).  

Well they were already going a bit crazy then and I found out later they had been loaded up on sugar.  Not very happy about it but we'll deal with it later.  But because of that, and Hayden was also give ice cream twice which he can't tolerate well at all, just very small amounts as a treat very rarely.  I had a lot planned for the week but having them SO hyped up on sugar, it literally took DAYS for them to kind of chill out, it was ridiculous and Hayden is still having a really hard time from the dairy. 

 I picked up Landon and Hayden though and Casen was begging to stay one more night with Grandma by himself so I went ahead and let him.  I then took the other two and Preston and went to see Dessa and Isaiah.  We went and met up with Aunt Gigi at the park later that afternoon and had a lot of fun playing there.  

Landon found a kite in a tree, there were actually 3 stuck up there, and he worked at it and worked at it and managed to get one down.  It's string was wrapped badly with another kite and the one he got down didn't have a handle but the other did so I helped him cut both strings  and attach the one with the handle to the kite he got down.  He picked it up and immediately started flying it!!  He's never even flown a kite and just did it all by himself, it was pretty cool, he thought it was awesome
But then some little boys came over and said it was theirs and they wanted it back so he gave it to them!  he wasn't right next to me when that happened and walked over and said he really wish he still had the kite and I asked what happened and he told me.   Had I seen it I would have told them (they were older kids) if you leave it in a tree you are giving it up, I mean he worked his butt off to get it down and fix it so it could was no longer theirs.  They were going to leave the park and leave it there, they forfeited it.  Plus it was only one of those $1 kites, it's not like it was expensive and after all that I would have given the kids a freaking dollar, he just wanted the kite he got down you know?  Oh well.  So Aunt Gigi took Landon home with her to spend the night and he had a blast!!  

I watched Isaiah while Dessa and Chris went to the gym and took him, Hayden and Preston out to visit Heather and Dustin at their new house.  We had dinner and hung out for a bit, was fun :)  I took Isaiah back home and went home myself and didn't get home until almost 10pm.  

The next morning I had to go pick up Landon at Aunt gigi's at 9:30am so after that I picked up Casen then we had lunch with my mom and James and then rushed back to Waxahachie to go to a playdate at the gymnastics center for open gym.  We invited Tracey, Kolton, Kadrie and Kason to go with so the boys were thrilled.  They had a blast and then afterwards we took them for snowcones, they were sweaty stinky little kids lol

Casen also had his first baseball practice that evening and he has his old coach from his last season in tball and was really excited because he really liked him.  Looks like it will be a good season for Casen!!!  

Wed and Thurs we cancelled the playdates we were supposed to go on because they were worn out from being gone from the house pretty much since Sat morning they just wanted to hang out at home and chill, which was fine with me because that sugar was still wearing off and they weren't exactly behaving how I know they can plus I really needed to catch up on laundry.  We were supposed to do a playdate Friday but something came up with that too so we stayed home.  Thurs Casen did have another practice.  

Sat morning Landon had his first practice and his coach is awesome!  I"m really pleased, looks like this will be a GREAT season for him.   His coach played in college and was also drafted to the major leagues, he's very knowledgeable and jumped right in to teaching them the correct way to play and Landon learned a lot just from that first practice and he's been playing now for over 2yrs.  His coach is also very nice, Landon really liked him and liked the kids on his team.  I'm SO happy, especially after last season.  

We spent most of the weekend looking for bats which was a PITA lol.  After 4 stores and having to return 4 different bats!!!!  We finally got them both one, with the flag they need to have to be able to use them and I hope they are the right sizes.  I think  they are both 1oz heavier than they truly need but I also bought them a donut weight to warm up with so that should help.  We got them new cleats, new pants and some other stuff.  We spent this evening getting the house straightened up for the week, Mark went grocery shopping and now the kids are in bed.  I am SO glad that spring break was over, in some ways it was ruined because of how they were acting though it wasn't really their fault, just wish the week had been a bit more pleasant.  

Tomorrow all 4 boys have cleanings at the dentist..Preston's first appt!!!  Also my camera is being delivered, can't wait!  

OH and I'm having some major breastfeeding problems.  I'm now almost sure it's thrush but that it's in my ducts not on the outside.  Preston doesn't have spots but the pain is exactly what is described when I read about it in your ducts.  But it's been so bad that 2 nights now I've woken up in the middle of the night after him nursing on that side in so much pain I can't even sleep through it, last night I was up 2.5hrs and had to take ibuprofen both nights.  When that breast is empty it's SOOOOOO much worse so I'm trying now not to let him empty it and today started some acidopholus to hopefully help...any other recommendations???  I'm taking the highest dose of that I can.  I'm hoping to get into a dr soon if it's not better but anything that might help I'm willing to try!

And Hayden will be starting 3 new things tomorrow for his ADHD and ODD.  He is currently on Attentive Child and we'll be adding in Dr. Sears Omega-3 liquid with DHA, Total Calm Kid and also a new multivitamin..I really hope this helps him so we don't have to consider any other prescription meds. 

Hope everyone has a great week!

*DISCLAIMER*  This is a total joke!!!!  Preston would NEVER ride in this!!!  We were just playing around and he was so cute had to snap a pic.  He is still rear facing and will be until he's 3yrs minimum, hopefully to 4yrs.


  1. There is actually a colourant (one of the 'E' numbers) which hypes children up more than sugar does.Maybe look out for those because they are often in sweets

  2. I've heard that about certain RED food colorings, don't think it has an E in it? But yours might be labeled differently than ours because I'm not sure I've seen an E something. But we have tested it and it doesn't seem to have a big impact on him but we are trying to cut it back if not out anyway :)