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Friday, September 10, 2010

Why do people think it's ok to subject others to their disgusting habits?

I hate cigarettes!  Can't stand the smell, just flat out don't like them.  If I'm honest I hate seeing that any parents smoke, inside or outside, it's still in your skin and clothes and I don't think kids should have to be around that.  But it's their choice so I don't say anything.  When I WILL say something though is when someone thinks it's ok to subject my child to their disgusting habits!

Tonight at Casen's baseball practice one of the new kids on the team her mom is pregnant, she had a pregnant friend with her and her husband.  Then there was another mom there sitting with them.  The dad was helping coach tonight.  I looked over and all 3 women are smoking...2 pregnant!  No I don't agree, but again if she wants to do that to her child, I guess it's her choice, I don't agree with it but she's an adult and isn't breaking the law.  Oh wait except that they were on school property!!!!  Then the dad walks over and lights one up too and walks back to keep coaching!!!  Knelt down and talked to 2 of the kids with the cig just a few feet from their face!  Better be glad one of those kids wasn't mine or I would have been over there saying something.  I was pissed off enough that they think it's ok to be walking around the kids and on school property smoking.  They weren't too close to Casen so I doubt he could even smell it but still...what gives them the right?  One of the ladies sitting with me teaches at that school and she wrote her principal just to confirm the law and then wrote the security guard requesting them put up signs again showing it is illegal. Hopefully that happens and she said next time she will say something and show them the sign.  The coach was supposed to talk to them after practice, not sure if he got a chance to.  But man....pissed me off big time!  If it happens again, even away from my kid I will say something.

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