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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blast Ball Meeting and Day 13 Lunch

We have been dealing with some heavy rains the past couple of days and today there were tornadoes touching down all around us.  I was watching the news and the helicopters were catching some awesome videos of it, you could actually see the tornado forming and going across the ground.  I haven't seen the evening news yet to see what kind of damage was done but I hope everyone is ok.  

This evening I had the parent meeting for Hayden's Blast Ball.  He came with and played with some kids.  He's by far the smallest that we saw, and he is the youngest.  We found out he is on team Black.  He is so excited to get started, his season opens on Sept 18th.  

Day 13 Lunch for Wed
Landon forgot his lunchbox at school today so his is the one on the right

Granola Bars
Raw baby carrots
Veggie Straws
chocolate chip cookies
Grape Mash Up
Water to drink

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