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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Casen had a bad day at school

Casen came home from school today in tears, all out crying. I looked at his folder and in today's spot there is a light stamp but written in red says "got out of seat some today" Casen is sooooooooo upset. He said he never moved his clip from green so he should NOT have been signed. There is a sub there from Wed-Friday and he came home yesterday and said she wasn't very nice and then this happened today. He said the only time he can remember getting out of his seat when he wasn't supposed to was when he had to use the restroom and he had his hand up and she wasn't seeing him so he got up to ask and she told him he had to wait. So no warning, nothing and he has his folder signed for the first time this year. Then he told me to look at his worksheets he brought home and one is a practice D worksheet. The D example looks like 1/2 a 0 it was very narrow. Instead of having the fat ) part of the D, does that make sense? so he copied it exactly! He was a little shaky because he was trying to make it so narrow. She wrote in red over his a fatter D like that was how he should have been writing it. I handed Casen a sheet of paper today and told him to write D's and he did it PERFECTLY, the only reason they looked like they did was because the worksheet looked like that, that isn't his fault. He knows how to do it, but he's very particular and if you tell him to do something a certain way he's a perfectionist and he's going to do it exactly that way. That isn't his fault there was a shitty example. So he is soo upset thinking he can't even write D's and he's in trouble at school now.

Casen has been absolutely loving school, even told me he wished there weren't weekends because he wants to go all the time and even wished he could go until late at night, he LOVES it. But after I got him calmed down today he asked me if we could tell the sub that he is sick so he doesn't have to go back until his teacher is back.  Poor thing, I feel so bad.  I wrote his teacher but I'm still waiting to hear back, he's dreading going to school tomorrow

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