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Monday, September 6, 2010

Hawaiian Falls

We had a lot of fun at Hawaiian Falls yesterday :)  Thanks again Heather for entering us in that contest!  The boys had no fear, they wanted to ride everything!  Poor Hayden is so tiny he can't really ride anything, they have a kiddy section that had small slides that he went on all of them by himself, loved that.  Then there was another ride that was meant for 42 in and up (he's barely 36) and the lifeguards let Dessa take him down, he absolutely loved it.  That kid isn't scared of anything, he would have gone on every single one had he been allowed.  Landon rode a really scary one, or one I thought was really scary, where you get in a capsule and then they count down and the floor disappears and you go flying down a really steep slide, he thought it was awesome haha.  Casen rode a lot too, but was too short for that one.  They had sooooo much fun it was great!!!!!  Here are a few pictures from our day :D

Outside Hawaiian Falls, don't mind Casen he had to pee lol

Casen coming down a slide

Landon coming down

Landon flying out to go again

Landon having so much fun!

Casen coming down head first

Hayden coming down with Aunt Dessa

Hayden playing on the splash ground while the others rode rides

We had sooooo much fun!  Can't wait to go again!

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