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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fun Weekend

We have a busy but fun weekend going on!  This morning Mark got up with the boys and dressed them, ok let them dress themselves it was a mess, and took them to the bank and to get out of the house for a bit.  Then took them to get donuts for breakfast so that I could sleep in and it actually be quiet in the house :)  It was NICE!!!!!  Then I got up and took a shower and they came back and I changed their clothes to something so I would be ok being seen in public with them lol YES THAT BAD!  We went and saw Aunt Dessa and she got them some slushes, talked with her for awhile then went to Grandma Gail's house.  Mark helped her with some stuff while Hayden terrorized everyone.  I don't think he's feeling very well, his nose has been yucky today, plus he didn't have a nap, it wasn't pretty.  But while there I was able to plan my menu for the week, it should be yummy!!!  When they were done Gail took us to Chilis for dinner and then we left.  We went to Marshall's and me and mark got some clothes, not much.  Then to Best Buy so they could reserve their copy of Halo Reach...OMG Landon was so excited I thought he was gonna pass out lol.  Then to Target to get a few more things.  We were trying to find flip flops but no luck.  Maggie ate the ones we had and we need them for tomorrow because..........

We're going to Hawaiian Falls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The boys know we have a surprise planned but have no clue what it is.  They are going to be so excited.  We will do that for a few hours, Dessa is coming with us and maybe Heather.  After we are done there though we have to come home and get everyone changed and get Landon to baseball practice starting at 6.  We are going to be worn out tomorrow from all that sun.  Can't wait though, should be fun!  Mark is off on Monday, so are the boys so we'll be relaxing that day!

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