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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Yikes it's been almost a month...maybe I should update

With Landon having an entire week off for Thanksgiving and preparing for the meal at our house and Black Friday I haven't really had a chance to write, so let's see what's happened the past few weeks....

We had Thanksgiving at our house and had Mark's dad, Henry, and Mark's mom and her boyfriend, Gail and Ludwig over. It turned out good, the food was yummy, well what I could taste of it because I was still getting over being sick. The boys went with them for the night so we could go black Friday shopping. It was the first time Hayden has ever stayed the night away from me but he did fine. I missed them tons....let's just say it won't be happening again for a long time. For anyone that knows me I'm car seat crazy. That's putting it mildly. Car seats are a huge thing for me and I'm very strict about their use with my kids. Hayden is 26 mo and still rides rear facing and will for a long time yet, Casen is in a harnessed booster seat which he will remain in until he outgrows the harness and Landon is in a high back booster and will be for years to come. Well I always install their seats, whether it be in our car or anyone elses. So for their overnight trip with Grandma I did the same. Yet somehow when he came back, Casen was in his harnessed seat (a Nautilus) no longer installed but instead the seat belt taken out of the belt path and put around him as if he was in a booster! I almost died, it didn't fit him right at all and thankfully they weren't in a wreck, I hate to think what would have happened had they been, just by looking at how it laid on him it would NOT have been good. So I'm still recovering from that. Needless to say anyone who plans on taking my boys will go through Beth's Carseat Bootcamp before it happens again. There was another issue but we won't go into that :|

At 11pm Thanksgiving night though we went shopping!!!!!!!!!! First we went to Grapevine mills and stopped in Children's Place and got the boys all some clothes. Then over to Toys R Us, they were having a sale for Batman figures for buy one get two free! So we got six haha. Then while standing in line I saw they had a Melissa and Doug big floor puzzle on sale for $9.99...Casen LOVES puzzles and I LOVE Melissa and Doug so I grabbed it, it rang up for only $4.98!!! Awesome deals. Then we went to Carters and got more clothes. Then we left and went to Old Navy...MORE awesome deals on clothes!! This time for me and Mark too, woohoo! We then went to Target and got some more stuff. We ended up finishing most of our shopping that day and the rest has since been finished minus picking up Hayden's elmo and getting them all a few more stocking stuffers :) I love being done already it's great! Not only did we get good sales that day we also MADE money!!!! Best Buy had some sales going and we ended up getting a gift card and then money back on things we had bought recently. The gift card was $150, well I've been wanting a new digital camera for awhile, I have a DSLR and I love the thing but it's huge and it's not exactly easy to just toss in a bag and bring everywhere and we all know I'm picture crazy too so I found a cute PINK canon on sale for only $149.99 after tax we ended up only paying $12 out of pocket since we had that gift card! So that's part of my Christmas presents...shh don't tell Santa I know what my gifts are already!

This week Landon went back to school, he's now at a level 13 in reading!!!!! I did get a call from his teacher today and they are going to evaluate his speech just to be sure all is normal, there are a few letters he still has troubles with and they want to make sure it's all normal for his age and if not get him some help so it doesn't become an issue with his spelling and such down the road...right now it's not effecting his learning at all though. On Sunday he lost his first tooth!!!!!!!!! It was a huge ordeal, he was terrified but it was hurting his gums when it moved and when he ate so it had to come out. Almost 2hrs later Mark got it out ( it was loose enough Landon just kept closing his mouth lol). The tooth fairy felt so bad about all he had to go through to get it out she left him $10!!!! One lucky kid! He's now so proud of himself though, he likes that it's gone and tells me he likes having a hole in his mouth that it feels cool. Me I don't like it so much lol but it's ok. He's growing up so fast I can't believe in just a few months he'll be 7 OMG!!!!! And Casen will be 5!!! So crazy!

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