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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Trip to the ER with Casen

Well Casen hasn't been getting any better, in fact he's getting much worse. Last night before bed his temp was 102 so I gave him some Tylenol before putting him to bed. He woke me up at 5:30am and his temp was 103.7 so I gave him Motrin and he went back to bed with us. All day today he just laid around talking about how he didn't feel good. He asked to take a nap so I took him back to my bed to lay with him so he'd go to sleep easier and decided to take his temp before putting him down to see if he needed more meds and it was 105.1!!!! So I got him some Motrin and gave him that then he threw it up a few minutes later because he's started having coughing fits today where he coughs so much he can't catch his breath in between and that goes on for a good minute or two solid...well it made him throw up the medicine. So I put him in the bath and called Mark and the hospital and they said to give him Tylenol in case his body had absorbed any Motrin didn't want to risk overdosing him on it. So I did that and Mark left work to come home, he made it here pretty quick considering it was snowing already. So we took him to the ER and by the time we made it there his temp was almost normal but he was wheezing really bad so they gave him a breathing treatment and then took him for chest x-rays to check for pneumonia...luckily he didn't have that. He was still wheezing pretty bad so they gave him another breathing treatment, he is still wheezing but doing much better and it's only on one side now. They didn't exactly diagnose him with anything just said it's some upper respiratory infection and gave him a big dose of steroids to help his lungs. Then gave me a prescription for more of that, an antibiotic, inhaler and chamber/mask thing to make it easier for him to take the inhaler. We went and got all that about expensive without insurance :|

When we got home it was about 9pm and his temp was back over 102 so I gave him a dose of Motrin and some of the inhaler and sent him to bed. I hope the breathing treatments, inhaler and steroids he has had so far start helping him some. He's already not coughing as much which is good. Hopefully he sleeps better tonight, he didn't sleep very good at all last night. He'll start more steroids and the antibiotic tomorrow morning. They said to rotate Tylenol and Motrin every 4hrs for the first 24hrs, and inhaler ever 4hrs for first 24hrs then as needed for both. I hope he's back to normal soon, poor kid has been sick too long :(

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