My life as a Mommy of 4 little boys

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Santa Pictures

Well it was an adventure. We knew Casen was going to be scared, like he is every year so Mark made a deal with him, if he didn't cry and took a picture we would take them to get ice cream after. Well we didn't think it would be Hayden that flipped out. He's usually good with that stuff but today he freaked out. He latched to my shirt and was NOT letting go without taking it with him. So they suggested we all get in the picture...not prepared for that. Well it was our first family professional picture...EVER. Which is nice but too bad it wasn't a great one. Hayden looks terrified, Mark isn't looking at the camera, I look huge and have a stupid look on my face and Landon isn't smiling. But Casen right in the middle is smiling haha, he wanted him some ice cream.

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