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Saturday, December 5, 2009

All Christmasy Weekend

This weekend will be all about Christmas woohoo!!! Well with a bit of shopping added in :) I got a sweater at Old Navy when we went black Friday shopping and tomorrow I have to go exchange it for a SMALLER Size woohoo!!!! That's always nice. Also have to exchange 2 shirts I got from Gap, didn't notice the neckline was all the way up to the neck...not my thing. But then I'm going to another store to do some more shopping for me, hope I can find some stuff, haven't been in there in a long time but looked online and loved alot so hopefully it looks right. But then after all of that we are taking the boys to see Santa!!!!!!!!! I can't wait...I hope it's a good looking Santa because the past 3 yrs it's been the SAME Santa at the same mall, in the same Colorado :( And he looked so "real" like you really think Santa should look like, not that creepy looking guy you see in some people's pics. We are taking them to Southlake Town Square and they have this big sleigh thing set up with Santa in it so it looks like it should be good pictures, the boys can't wait. Tomorrow evening I think I'm going to have them write their letters to Santa and mail them to the North Pole (aka Mark's office) and then we are printing out some really cute letters from Santa from this site

And "Santa" will be sending them back from the "North Pole" :D They are going to be thrilled to get mail just for them FROM SANTA!

Sunday we are going to put up our tree, I can't wait :D We got some new ornaments this year that I love. We got the boys each one that looks like a cookie shaped in a letter (L, C, and H) that's decorated then 2 other cute ones. I have to go by Kohls tomorrow because I saw online they have some really cute snowman ornaments one with a red hat (hayden) one with a green hat(landon), and one with a blue hat (casen) that you can put pictures in...perfect for them so I have to have them. We have a countdown going and the boys love to change the numbers each day. I'm really excited about christmas this year, I hope the boys have a wonderful Christmas :)

I'll be back with Santa pictures soon....

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