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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our Christmas

So Christmas is over for another year....makes me kind of sad, I really enjoyed preparing for and having Christmas this year. Too bad we all got sick for it :(

I think we went a bit crazy this year but we justified it, the boys have been through hell this past year with us, with that b**** causing Mark to loose his job and everything that went with that, money issues and all, us having to take Landon out of his first year of school and move him back to TX which he wants to be back in CO, taking Casen out of preschool to move here and then not being able to put him back in, just has not been a good year for us. Luckily things are much better now and Mark has a great job and we are doing wonderfully. So yeah, that's our justification...THEY DESERVED IT!

They were so happy and that's what matters, no to some it isn't about the gifts but to us that is what Christmas is. It's not religious, it's family, love, traditions, Santa and gifts...and this year it was all of that and more...perfect.

Santa brought Landon a remote control tank that shoots BB's...what was he thinking?!?!?! Actually they have done really well and know not to shoot each other and are really careful with it. He also got tons of Halo lego sets so he was thrilled, that's what he wanted more than anything. Now we just need to find some type of glue to keep them all together, they come apart too easily and they are hard to get put back together the right way. Any ideas? He also got an art kit, glow dome and some other arts and crafts stuff...I was kind of surprised how much he loved that, he is really getting into drawing now, I wonder if he will get as good as my brother, I doubt it...he's awesome but maybe he'll take after him. He got lots of clothes and other toys too. He thanked us countless times since then for everything, he's such a good boy...I think we're doing a good job with that one :) Can you believe in a little over 3 mo he's going to be seven years old...SEVEN!!!!! How did that happen so fast?

Santa brought Casen an art perfect is that?! He got TONS of art supplies and kits from us and Grandma too. His one thing he wanted more than anything was a cupcake maker...Nonnie came through with that. After opening all of his gifts Christmas morning he was very happy with them all but did say in a very sad voice that Santa didn't bring the one thing he asked for, the cupcake maker. After Nonnie got there and he opened that we told him "see Santa just knew Nonnie had bought it and got you something else he knew you'd love" and he does love that art desk. I see many days in our future of him sitting there all day long working on workbooks, coloring, writing....he loves doing that. He's so calm and very different from his brothers lol. He also got the other thing he really wanted, a race track. His Christmas was complete!

Hayden got a tricycle from Santa which has been a huge hit with all three of them. It hasn't been used outside yet, once it has it will always be an outside toy so we are waiting for awhile, but for now they are riding it around the kitchen, around the table and island..over and over. They give each other rides and Hayden can actually fit on it!!!! The first ever bike/trike he can reach the pedals, my poor short legged thing haha. He has even learned to pedal it fully on his own, not bad for 2. He got some other great toys like Monty Rex, a chicco remote control car, a train track from Nonnie (geotrax which we have tons of so we can make a huge track with) and also a Thomas starter kit from Grandma, which I love. I think for his birthday if he's still really into it we might do a train table and some more Thomas wooden train sets. He also got tons of clothes. Great gifts all around

For mommy I got some perfume I have been wanting, tons of VS body wash that smells great!, a new pink Canon camera for me to keep on me since my SLR isn't exactly easy to throw in the diaper bag/purse and keep on me all the time, then some clothes. Me and Mark have never really been able to do things for each other, much less other family, it's always about the boys, it was so nice to be able to give each other gifts this year. I got him a nice new Skil drill and a big kit with tons of bits, some pjs, clothes and a new wallet. He loves it all...I did good haha. We got our parents and siblings things too, it was great. I hope every Christmas from now on is as good.

We had dinner that night at our house and had family over. We went to his dad's house on Christmas Eve. And guess what else happened on Christmas Eve?!?!?!!! IT SNOWED!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES in Texas, it snowed!!! We had a white Christmas, can you believe it? I still can't!!! It made it all even more perfect. I have missed Colorado so much and one of the big things was knowing we wouldn't have snow on Christmas and look we did :) Quite a bit for TX too. WE might even get more on Tues...great winter so far..hope it keeps up!

But everyone has been sick :( It started with Landon on Tues. Then Casen and Hayden started getting it but it really hit them Christmas Eve. Mark also started then. They've had fevers around 100-101 since then, so not too bad. Landon is better now, thankfully, and finally actually ate today. Mark woke me up Christmas night with the worst shakes ever, he just could not warm himself up, even wrapped under really warm blankets with me holding him, nothing worked, he was shaking head to toe so hard for over an hour. But he's been a bit better now, still sick though. This morning I woke up with a really sore throat and have just felt blah all day, I hope I don't get it as bad, but it would be just mom's luck that I would get it the day Mark is going back to work..tomorrow. I've got all 3 kids home all week since Landon doesn't go back to school until the 4th. I sure hope I don't really get sick.

Well now to start planning New Year's Eve...we've been invited to a friend's house but I'm not too sure yet, we'll see. Starting to think of New Year's Resolutions will be to update on here more often

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