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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Late night

Ugh I'm so tired of everyone being sick!!! It's been a week and a half now since it all started but it seems like it's been going on forever!!! Landon is completely better, thankfully. Hayden pretty much is, he's still not eating much and has a runny nose but other than that he's fine. I posted about our ordeal with Casen yesterday and I'm happy to report he is MUCH better...but still sick. And now Mark is getting worse. His temp is 101.5 after taking 3 ibuprofen only about 2hrs before and he feels like crap. It never ends I swear.

Tonight Mark feels so cold, to himself only! He keeps asking me to keep him warm in bed so I tried as long as I could but I was starting to sweat under all the covers up against him being so hot, plus Hayden was on the other side of me so body heat from there too. I couldn't take it anymore so I came out on the couch with Casen and left those two in there and cranked up the heat with only that vent open so hopefully that will help keep him warm.

Casen though is alot better, I can tell those breathing treatments really helped him. He isn't as worn out, I think he was so tired from not breathing so well, wearing himself out just breathing. His cough is also much better since doing them. His temp didn't get very high today. So I think he's on the road to getting better. Earlier I gave him a slice of raisin bread and he picked out all of the raisins and wouldn't eat the bread, part of it fell on the floor and I asked him to pick it up so I could vacuum. He went to pick it up and there was an ant on the floor and you would have thought he saw a HUGE spider or something with the way he reacted. He flipped out, crying, screaming the whole bit. I had him pick it up anyways...ant wasn't on it, in fact it was a good 6in away, I guess he thought it could run super fast or jump or something. But Casen has a tendency to play things over and over in his head, play things up so he worked himself up over it big time. He kept crying and wouldn't listen to calm down, also because he was tired from no nap so I had him go to his room to calm down. I vacuumed and he was still upset so I went in there and talked with him. He was so upset that he had to get that close to the ant. I told him it couldn't move that fast or jump and that he was fine nothing happened...his response..."well something could have possibly happened". Wasn't getting anywhere lol. I told him that along with my eyes on the back of my head that every mom has, we also get super hearing and when I was vacuuming I sucked the ant up and heard it screaming "nooo don't suck me up" (before this I had told him I sucked it up, he questioned how I was SURE I got it) he didn't believe me at first, but I finally convinced him lol. He truly believes I ahve eyes on the back of my head and is always randomly bringing it up asking questions about it :) But after that ordeal he had nightmares tonight about the ants and he's now on the couch asleep. See what I mean by playing it up in his head? But as I sit here writing all of this I keep hearing him grinding his kills me!! AWFUL sound!

But now that it seems Hayden has finally fallen asleep back there with Mark I should try and sleep too, I'm sure one or two of them will be waking me up atleast once more tonight. As of now it seems my Mom body has finally figured out it is NOT allowed to get sick and hopefully it stays that way!

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