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Friday, February 12, 2010

A Texas Winter??

I have lived in Texas most of my life.  I did spend the 2005-beg 2009 in Colorado but really my teen-adult life has been in Texas.  I have never seen a winter like this!  It is very rare we get any snow and IF we get something it's usually a light dusting, some flurries, or sleet....not real snow.  But we actually had a white Christmas this year!  How crazy is that??  And today we got our 3rd good snow of the winter!  This time we got so much, this is like a Colorado snow.

I took the boys in the backyard to play, which is fenced off so blocks the wind from blowing it up so it is pretty accurate on how much fell.  I stepped down and it almost came to my knees!!!!  I can't believe how much we got.  I haven't heard an official total yet but I'd have to say atleast 8-9in and it was still coming down when we came inside.  This never happens in Texas...what has happened?  I'm not complaining I LOVE the snow I'm just shocked!!!

The boys had a blast playing in it today.  Landon is so thrilled because he was very upset when we told him that most likely we wouldn't see snow this winter.  I had to dig out their snow gear from Colorado..they were all mismatched and in wrong sizes but we made it work.  Hayden only has thick hoodies and sweaters for the winter here so I had to find an old jacket of the boys so he'd have something waterproof.  All I could find was 2t snow bib and 3t jacket...poor thing could barely move it was so huge on his tiny body haha.  He kept falling down, spent more time crawling in the snow than walking in it, his legs are just too short, but he had so much fun.  They wore socks on their hands to protect them a bit from the cold...again didn't buy gloves, haven't had a need before and of course now they are sold out.  They made snow angels, had snow ball fights, built a tiny fort then came in and had some hot chocolate.  They were worn out come bedtime but it was a really nice evening.  Landon's school is closed tomorrow so we plan to do the same then...maybe I can get all 3 to nap......

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