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Monday, February 1, 2010

Preparing for the week ahead

I can't wait to get moved...but I'm not looking forward to packing AT ALL!!!!!

But I have to start this week so on my to do list is....

Go through Hayden's room and get rid of clothes and toys he doesn't play with enough 

Go through Landon and Casen's room and start to split up their stuff and get rid of stuff

Go through boxes in the garage of old kids clothes and toys to get rid of more (anyone need boys clothes?!?!?!?)

That's good for the week right? lol

I got most of my laundry done this weekend, yay!  I just need to do some towels tomorrow and I'm good for a few days.  I need to start putting together my binder thing I'm making for the new house.  I'm determined to be more organized and productive. 

This week I'm also ordering some books....
  • Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.....we started this book a few months ago, just borrowed from the library, and Casen really understood it.  It says when you do them all they should be reading on a 2nd grade level so I have about 6mo to get fully through it with Casen before he starts kindergarten.  
  • What Your Kindergartner Needs To will give us lessons and everything I would need to teach him if fully homeschooling him in his kindergarten year so he will know it all before entering kindergarten.  Alot of it he already knows so it's just pushing him more and giving him more to do, he's so bored at home.
  • The Big Book of Parenting Solutions......I figure you can never know too much.  It also has alot of positive discipline and solutions for common issues so we'll see how much of it we can utilize.  Looking for more ways to deal with crazy Hayden.
  • Positive Discipline A-Z....same as above really
  • My mom calendar!!!!!  I can't wait to get that

Anyone read any of those 4 books??  Worth it or not?  I guess I'll see and be back to review them soon :)

My calendar will be great to help get more organized, especially with both Landon and Casen doing baseball this spring.  We will have more going on with that, playdates, Landon's school and whatever else we have going on.  Like I said at the beginning...I can't wait to move!

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