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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Doctors appts all the time!!!

We have been having a ridiculous amount of doctor appts here lately!  So I'll catch you up on what's been going on with those

Hayden had a psychologist appt last Thurs.  This was for an evaluation for the behavior issues we've been having with him.  All of which has been going on for years but we have been trying everything we possibly can, reading tons of books, doing tons of research and it all gets us no where so we decided it was time to talk to a professional.  In all the research I had done I had come across ODD, well actually a friend told me about it so I started doing some reading, and every thing I read about it was 100% Hayden.  So I was pretty sure that was what he had going on before we even went to this appt.  We got there and went through all of his history, exactly what issues we are having, how long they've been going on, what we've been trying, she was observing him and all of that.  She gave him the diagnosis of ODD, I didn't mention anything about it, so we were both thinking the same thing.  She also had been watching him close, and he was being good just being typical Hayden (typical well behaved Hayden, not acting up) but she said she felt strongly that he has ADHD but with his age they don't like to give that diagnosis but considering Mark had it as a kid and just watching and hearing everything she said that she does think he has it just won't say for sure yet.  As of now she gave us a few tips, most of which we already do, and then he will see a psychiatrist in about 1.5wks and we'll go from there on if we will use medications or what she recommends.  

The yesterday Casen had his dermatologist appt that we've been waiting on for months.  He has had sores on his head for months and months now, we have tried a few different shampoos, medicated ones and it doesn't really seem to help.  They do get right now it's just dry patches, not sores...but then it'll get worse again with us doing the same things so we aren't sure what is causing it to get better and worse.  He also gets patches on his butt which we've noticed on and off since about age 4.  And he gets severely dry skin in his ears which will also crack and bleed.  She said it isn't presenting like eczema but they aren't completely sure what it is just yet.  She took cultures of one on his butt to see if it's staph possibly because that one looked a bit infected.  She prescribed 3 meds for now but wanted to do a 4th but didn't want to overload him.  He is on a very strong medicated shampoo now, a cream for itching and one for infections.  I haven't been able to pick them up because they weren't ready until late this afternoon and we were busy so I'm going to pick them up and start using them tomorrow and hopefully they help.  He has to go back in March and they will biopsy one of the spots that we aren't supposed to treat and see how he's doing.  NOT looking forward to that follow up because it's all the way in Ft. Worth which is a 45min drive already with NO traffic...well the ONLY appt they had open was March 12th at 4pm.  That traffic home is going to be awful.  The next available appt was April 30th, late afternoon as well.  

Preston kicked back with his foot propped up at Casen's appt

And then today we had Hayden's speech evaluation, another appt we've been waiting on for months.  It went pretty well, we once again got results I was expecting.  He was diagnosed with a lateral lisp and articulation disorder.  He changes out many sounds for others...for instance he can't say words that start with an "s" sound, he changes it to a "g" sound.  He does that with many many sounds.  So they will be working with him on that.  They also tested him for how much he understands language and his expressive language.  She said usually they are about equal but if anything the understanding part is higher than the expressive because they often understand more than they can say.  But Hayden tested at 86 (just barely within normal...85 is the lowest considered normal, up to 115) for his understanding and 98 for his expressive.  She said that it very well may have something to do with the ADHD because she was having to say a lot and he would lose track and stop following, his attention span is pretty much nonexistant so by the time she'd get through what she was saying and ask the question he would have already moved onto something else in his mind.  She thinks that as we get the ADHD under control more he'll probably do better on that side of the test but they are going to monitor it.  They will also be monitoring his stuttering.  She said right now it's in the range for developmentally normal...between age 3-5 it's normal.  But that if it gets ANY worse at all they will start doing more, that it should start getting better and better so they will watch close for that.  For now he is going to start with 4months of speech therapy, once a week for 30-45min, she doesn't think they'll be able to get him to concentrate longer than that.  She said if they need to they'll up it to 2 or even 3x a week but we'll start with once a week for the next 16wks and see how that goes.  I really liked her and she should be the one that works with him every time so that's to have to drive 30min each way once a week though but oh's close to dessa so we'll get to hopefully see her those days :)

SO that's where we are right now.  On Monday Preston goes back to his developmental pediatrician's office so hopefully he's where they want him and he won't need any kind of therapy.  

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