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Monday, February 13, 2012

Developmental Pediatrician Follow-Up

Today we had Preston's follow up with his developmental pediatrician.  He sees her because of all the intervention he needed after birth.  The medications that he required can cause muscle weakness so they like to watch babies like him to be sure he's developing as he should.  He saw them back in Oct and was doing well.  They had said they wanted him to be going from a sitting position to a crawling position and then also putting himself into a sitting position from laying on the floor by the time he saw them this time..he can do neither so I was a little concerned they would want to do physical therapy.  He is very content, he is happy to sit where you put him, he doesn't want to move around or go get things or get into anything...just very content and happy.  I think he probably COULD do those things if he tried, he just doesn't care to.  The dr today saw that about him and agreed, he is just fine.  He is behind a typical 8mo old but he's exactly where they would want him to be based on his history.  He is developing exactly as they would hope, yay Preston!!!

He will go back beginning of July to have another check, we hope it's our last.  She said by around his first birthday he should be cruising with furniture and she doesn't expect him to walk until at least 12-14mo...I wouldn't be surprised if it was even later.  Casen walked at 14.5mo ad he had no delays, he was very content like seeing Preston is a bit behind in other areas but also very content I wouldn't be at all surprised if it was later.  He'll be right over 13mo at his recheck and she said they want to see that he is walking or almost walking...showing the signs that he will be with no further help.  And also check to see how he is communicating, starting to talk.  She said since he is already understanding signs and starting to use them back she doesn't think that's going to be an issue at all.  She doesn't expect him to need any further help and hopes this next visit she'll be able to discharge him and he'll no longer need to see them!!!  If not she thinks just one more visit a few months after that to recheck those things and then he'll be good.  Yay!!!!!  

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  1. All babies are different, and they start saying words at different ages, depending on their mental development. But most babies start babbling at 9-12 months. It's not long before Casen would speak. If he can actually talk, he'll say, "You just wait, mom". LOL