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Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy President's Day!

The boys didn't have school today since it was President's Day so figured it was a good day to do playdates.  They are always jealous that they don't get to go on playdates with the 2 little ones since they are always in school.  Today we had 2 fun ones planned so it worked out perfectly. 

First, we went over to Chickfila to meet one of our playgroups for lunch and let the kids play.  They had a lot of fun there and we stayed about 1.5hrs.  Then we headed over to where Hayden used to take gymnastics to meet our other playgroup.  The gym does Open Gym a couple times a week and did 2 today since all of the kids were out of school.  The one we went to was from 1-3pm and the kids just get to go nuts and play on everything...trampolines, bars, rope, balance beams, padded places...tons to do.  They had a blast!!  None of them wanted to leave when it was time even though I know they were exhausted, it was almost 3 and they had been playing since about 11.  

Hula hooping

Landon taking a 1sec break

We came home and we cleaned up some, I baked some banana bread, they watched a movie, we had dinner, baths and sent them to bed!  They were so worn out, passed right out :)

Bet they sleep great tonight :)  2 more playdates tomorrow, though the big boys will be at school for the first, as soon as they get home from school tomorrow we are loading up to meet one of our playgroups at the park to play.  Should be another fun day!

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