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Friday, April 23, 2010

New way of doing things

Alright I'm going to change things.  I'm going to start doing better cleaning and cook more often....really I mean it this time.  Yeah, so what I've posted a blog like this at least 2 times before, but I mean it this time....don't go back and read those cause I probably said that last time too....hush.  This time I REALLY mean it.  

Do you know what I hate doing the most???  Cleaning the bathrooms.  I hate hate hate to do it.  That might be because I have 3 little boys that apparently only know how to aim at the toilet seat, wall or floor...inside the bowl??  No way!  Where is the fun in that??  I mean I keep them decently clean but don't fully clean it as often as I should.  Well guess what?  Today I scrubbed both bathrooms top to bottom and plan to do it every Friday...go me!  Gonna even add it to the calendar to remind me, now let's see how long I do it haha.  BTW my big corner tub is not easy to clean.  I was hanging over the side, feet straight out trying to reach the other side.  But hey it's clean!  

I really need to figure out a better cleaning schedule, for instance the bathrooms every Friday.  I need to plan things for the other days too.  Things like the kitchen and laundry and basic pick up have to be done daily.  Let's see....

Monday- Ceramic Tile
Tues- Vacuum
Wed- Boys rooms
Thurs Vacuum
Friday- Bathrooms

Thankfully Mark deals with his media room so I don't have to dust in there or anything, he keeps it clean all the time.  

Now for cooking, I already cook dinner most nights but I really want to start cooking breakfast rather than giving cereal/toast/bagels.  I figure atleast I can do it 3-4 days a week.  And figure out more variety for their lunches. The past few weeks Landon has only been taking dishes to lunch so we've been doing tons of fresh fruit and he is stuck on cream cheese and strawberry jam sandwiches, he doesn't want anything else.  But I want to start sending him real meal stuff, like leftover pasta and that type of thing.  I've been collecting some new recipes so hopefully next week will be better all around, cleaner house, better food.  

Next week I'm also starting a more structured homeschool with Casen and Hayden.  For the past few months we really haven't done much, between the move and needing to order new books I had really been slacking.  But I finally got my own copy of Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, so we are restarting that, I could probably start where we left off but I want to refresh with him so we started yesterday and did Lesson 2 today.  I also have some math, writing, art, geography and science lessons planned to start next week.  I planned some stuff for Hayden, identifying letters and numbers and counting.  Once we get all the letters down we will begin sounds and hopefully soon after his 3rd bday start the same book I'm using with Casen for reading.  I'm really excited about it.  I'm going to order some posters to put on the wall and set up a school space for them, just need to decide where, I could do the dining room and just take down the posters when we have guests.... not sure yet.  I also need to print some more worksheets and we'll be ready to start next week!!!  Going to make a trip to the library tomorrow as well, the boys will get their library cards for Waxahachie, they are excited.  

I'm really hoping we can get a 2nd car soon so I can start taking Casen and Hayden to the story time they do up there and they have some activities especially for each of their ages as well.  Plus it will make baseball so much easier, right now Mark is having to leave work early to take them almost every day.  Thankfully Brandon is understanding about it all.  Speaking of baseball Landon won his game last night 11-4!!!  Both teams are still undefeated.  Casen has practice tonight and they both have games again tomorrow as long as they don't get rained out.  

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