My life as a Mommy of 4 little boys

Monday, April 19, 2010

Birthday party = Fail.

Well it is finally over, thankfully.  After tons of changes and planning it's done for a year.  Too bad it sucked.  Ok maybe not completely the kids did have fun and I guess that's what really matters.

First, we woke up and it was raining so we had to cancel the surprise bounce house.  Luckily we hadn't told the boys about it so they weren't disappointed.  But since we had planned that we figured the kids would be too busy playing in that to want to play games or we didn't plan any, which left us with nothing to do the morning of the party.  So having nothing else planned just put me in a really bad mood, I was really disappointed to have to cancel that.  

My mom then called for directions, she hasn't been out to our new house yet, she was bringing the cake.  When I talked to her it sounded like maybe she had been drinking, which we don't allow around the kids.  She said no.  I told her I had already had a really crappy morning and had tons left to do to get ready for the party and I didn't want to deal with that so she should just tell me then if she had so I could figure out another cake.  She swore she hadn't.  I gave her directions and she kept calling lost, our house is very easy to get to, I gave very clear directions, so did Dessa and so did Mark....yet they got lost like 3x.  The more I talked to her the more drunk she sounded.  I was dreading her getting there.  By then everyone else was here.  She finally made it, stumbling drunk...her boyfriend driving.  They brought the cake in which was $40 and crappy.  I hated it.  It was just a sheet cake with some color sprayed on it and batman and spiderman figures stuck on it..hardly decorated, not worth near $40.  Everyone knew my mom was drunk, it was so obvious.  She even went up to Casen's coach's son and kissed him on the head and said she had missed him....thinking it was Landon!!!!!  So I pulled her boyfriend aside and told him she needed to leave.  He told her and she stuck around still.  They went out to smoke and I sent Dessa out after them and after a yelling match she finally left.  I haven't talked to her since and really not sure I will.  I'm so tired of dealing with this, I thought after my dad she would have smartened up but obviously not, it's gotten worse with her.  I just can't take much more of this.  I'm tempted to just send her a check for the cake and stop answering her calls for awhile.....I don't know.  

After she left the party got better but I was still in a bad mood from it all.  We did cake....which as I write this I realize I totally forgot ice cream.   Oh well!  Then we did presents, the boys got some great stuff.  Landon got water skis, a pitching machine, some lego guy that he loves, and some hot wheels monster trucks!  Casen got a baseball tee, camping kit with tent sleeping bag and chair, iron man and an iron man floor puzzle which he is thrilled about..the kid loves puzzles!  Then they got this box of spongebob games to share and a 3 lane slip and slide.  They can't wait to get to use that.  Thanks to everyone that did show up!!!!  

Which was another "bad" thing.  Only one kid from Casen's baseball, none from Landon's and one kid from Landon's class showed up.  Then our family and friends.  Atleast the boys didn't notice but I invited the entire class, both baseball teams.  Teach me to do it on a Sunday again.  Landon was so worn out and made him feel bad this morning he couldn't go to school.  He's a bit sick now but not bad, he could have gone to school if he wasn't so tired. 

Hayden also got a gift from Heather yesterday.  Some spill proof bubbles, he hasn't barely put them down since, he LOVES them!!!!  Thanks so much Heather!  

I'm glad the ones that came were the ones to show up, loved everyone that was there and thanks so much for coming.  Hopefully next year will be more of a success!


  1. I am so sorry it didn't turn out like you wanted *hugs*

  2. We had fun! Glad Haydy LOVES his bubbles

  3. awww sorry it didn't turn out like you had hoped, but least the boys had fun:)

    Spill proof bubbles??? That's awesome!! Where did you find those, Heather?? I HAVE to get some for my kids!!!

  4. It's like these Mary

    I think she got it at Target, I've seen them at TRU too and walmart. There is a big one with 3 wands I'm going to go get so they can all play with it, Hayden isn't up for sharing but they all want it lol. I'm surprised how well they really work, it really doesn't spill at all, he's been carrying it around everywhere