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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Drunk driving

As anyone who knows me know I have some issues with alcohol.  Not me myself drinking, I drink socially only really a few times a year.  It isn't allowed in our house.  We don't drink around our kids...EVER.  But one of my biggest "issues" surrounding alcohol is drunk driving.  Can someone explain this to me?  What goes through someone's mind that makes them think they are ok to drive?  I've been drunk but never once have I thought you know what who gives a fuck I'm going to drive anyways.  I've been REALLY drunk and yet still somehow have enough common sense to know not to drive.  Why is it that other people don't seem to have that?  

I'm so tired of hearing stories of drunk drivers killing people in accidents...I just don't get it.  

This past weekend I had an "incident" and I won't say who it was though of course if they read this they will know but it's nothing negative about the person involved.  But again, I just don't understand.  How do you get to that point where you make it ok in your head?  Sure some people might be thinking "oh it would never happen to me" or " what difference does it make to everyone?  It's my life"  No I'm sorry it is not just your life.  And even if it was, you are putting yourself in danger, your kids father/mother, your parents' child, you siblings' sibling.  What in the hell are you thinking?   Grow up!!!  (not directed at that person but in general people who do it)

Who gave you the right to drink and then drive on the streets I drive my kids on?  Who gave you the right to put their lives in danger?  In one second you could change someone's life forever, change your own life, don't be so damn stupid.  

And remember people "friends don't let friends drive drunk" lol

Really think before you do something so stupid.  Even a few drinks is too many to be driving after.


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