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Saturday, March 6, 2010

New home

So we are moved now and absolutely loving our new house!!!!!!  It's gorgeous and fits all of our needs :D  For anyone who wants to see the pics, check out facebook.

We've got most of it unpacked now, just a little more inside to do then organize the garage.  The boys love having their own room, it's been great.  

Landon started his new school on Wed and it seems great too.  Everyone there was really nice and he is loving the kids in his class and his new teacher.  He told me they do exercise and then yoga every morning which "helps him wake up and feel good".  I'm very impressed so far...not bad for a public school, you know cause those private ones are so much better haha.  *roll eyes* 

The boys also had their baseball evaluations last weekend.  They both did really well.  Today was Landon's first practice and he really enjoyed it.  His coach seems like a really great guy, he doesn't have a kid on the team though.  Last season they were undefeated.  I think he'll be a great coach to better Landon in his game.  He has his next practice on Tues.  Casen is jealous and can't wait for his to start up.  

Ok that's a basic update....

Oh and one more thing, I found this monsterous spider in one of the windows at the new house, trapped between the screen and window, dead.  But O.M.G I thought the one at the old house was big??!?!  Oh no that one had nothing on it!  This was HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.  Now I'm very scared for warmer months, if I ever see something like that alive in my house I would drop dead.

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