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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Casen is now 5!

How can it be?!?!  My baby Casen is now FIVE years old!!!  His birthday was yesterday and he had a great day.  He has gone from a 7lb 3.2oz tiny baby to a 37lb school age child, how is that possible?  

I love all my kids equally but me and Casen just have this special bond, that is mommy's boy.  He is my sweetheart and he reminds me so much of his looks, personality, likes and dislikes.  I have never seen a sweeter little boy, he is hilarious, so damn smart and just such an awesome kid!  Love him more everyday! (as I do all 3 of my boys, and Mark too)

My twin

This year we are doing his and Landon's birthday party together on April 11th.  So we just had us here yesterday to celebrate his actual birthday.  It's amazing the things he can do now that he's 5, he was showing me all day everytime followed up with a "it's because I'm 5 now".  

He said "mommy I know what 3+2+3 is....8"
I said "yep you are so smart"
He said "it's because I'm 5 now that I know that!"

When Mark got home we took him to Toys R Us because we wanted to get him one more thing.  He sees commercials for Barbies and dolls and always wants them.  But when I took him down those aisles at Target everything in sight was PINK...everything.  From the way the aisle was decorated, tons of glitter and pink on that and Becky said "it looks like pink threw up on the Target barbie aisle".  It immediately looked to him like only girls should have that stuff and he changed his mind.  But at Toys R Us, that wasn't the case.  They actually had boy dolls!  Not pink everywhere, more gender neutral but yes still a lot aimed for just girls.  He found a doll he liked that peed, it was a boy....then he saw one that peed and had a potty and had a pacifier...had to have was a girl but by that time he didn't care.  He then picked out a set that had a stroller, playard, diaper bag, bouncer and play was all pink because all that stuff was.  He was in heaven.  That was his gift from me :)  

Now I've had more than one person tell me since seeing the pictures that I'm "turning him gay" and "setting him up to be teased".  First off, someone doesn't "turn gay" they are born that way and nothing they play with is going to change that.  Second, don't give me that shit.  I don't see why dolls are a girl thing anyways, it should be gender neutral and my BOYS will play with whatever interests them, be that a car, sports things, nerf guns, superheroes or yes DOLLS!  And we wonder why a lot of men, especially young men (seems as they grow up they realize!) don't take care of their babies....they are programmed from such a young age that that's a girls thing.  Ridiculous.  Mark grew up with 2 sisters and I'm sure he played with his fair share of dolls and look what a wonderful father he is!  So thank you, I'm not "turning my child gay" I'm teaching him to be a great daddy, just like his.  

Casen absolutely LOVES his doll, it has been a hit with all 3 of them since he got it yesterday.  In fact, Landon went to bed in tears because he didn't have one of his own.  He made me promise that his gift from me for his birthday, he is turning 7, would be a doll and stroller of his own! :)  And yes he will get it.

We came home after Toys R Us and we decided this year not to wrap his gifts, we each had something for him so he sat with his eyes closed and Landon brought him the gift he had picked....Playdoh Ice Cream Parlor and extra Playdoh.  He was so excited, he'd been wanting it for a long time.  Then Hayden gave him his gift...Star Wars nerf gun.  Mark gave him his, Toy Story 1 and 2 on bluray and a gumball machine.  And then I gave him mine.  

I baked him a chocolate cake and we sang and had cake.  Watched some of Toy Story then they had to go to bed.  He got his baby ready and made her/him (he hasn't decided yet) a spot in the corner of his room with all of it's stuff and put it to bed and went to bed himself.  He told us it was the best day of his life!  So glad he had a great day.  Love you more than anything Casen/Casey/Cakey :)

Here is a slideshow of his birthday pics


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