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Monday, March 29, 2010

Sprained foot

There are some things I don't understand, such as how it is my most cautious, calm child is ALWAYS the one that ends up hurt????  Started when he was a baby, he has had to have x-rays atleast 4 times, been in the ER more than any of the others, Landon and Hayden have never needed x-rays, thankfully.  

Last night Landon and Casen were rough housing and we told Landon to calm down, more than once, because he was being too rough.  And of course Casen ended up hurt, as always.  But this time worse than normal :(  Either him or Landon landed on his foot somehow and he started screaming saying he couldn't walk and it hurt.  Now Casen is very dramatic.  He falls and scrapes his knee and he can't walk.  So we thought he was just overreacting.  He asked to go to bed early so Mark carried him there.  He hasn't walked since.  He can't put pressure on it or even touch it.  It's a little swollen and he keeps crying from the pain.  I keep giving him meds to help with his pain and they are helping but as soon as they wear off he's back to crying again.  We have ice on it now and it propped up.  I hope it starts feeling better soon.  He hasn't moved from the couch all day, he is just miserable.  It's the arch of his foot and it really seems just sprained, nothing actually broken, thankfully but man he hurts so bad

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