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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Really Texas?

Seriously Texas you closed for this????????  Stupid.  

I got up this morning, got Landon ready for school and waited for the bus.  10min after the bus should have been here I start thinking ok maybe they closed..turn on the news and sure enough they did!  Said the roads were bad?  There was NOTHING over, yes it was damn cold but they go to school in a heated building, who cares if it's cold, that's not a reason to close!  No ice on the streets here.  Mark drove from Haslet all the way to Waxahachie just like everyday, about 75mi drive through many of the highways...he said the roads were just fine.  Maybe some icy patches but nothing to close over.  Texas needs to suck it up and learn to drive on winter streets....not close the schools over something like this.  

I do have to say damn it's cold!!!!  I can't believe how cold this winter has been here, much more than usual.  Snow 3 times, ones really good snow too and on Christmas Eve which makes it even better :)  I had to order Landon and Casen real winter coats last night online, yes because the stores have ZERO left!!!  How crazy is that??  Why wouldn't they keep getting them in, I mean winter JUST started.  So now the boys have to wait like 2 wks to get them.  Oh well I got really good deals, love good deals :D  Only $83 for both, normally priced $170 plus shipping...for both of them.  NowI just hope I like them, I hate buying online for clothes...unless it's a store that the clothes are always around the same thing just different colors/patterns like Pumpkin Patch.  But these are good brands so that shouldn't be an issue I just hope I like the colors in person....and that they fit.  

The boys have been nuts today!!!  Fighting nonstop, tattling, whining, yelling at each other!, Hayden's been alright I suppose, he did throw cars at them earlier but can't really blame him they were driving me insane too lol.  No of course he got in trouble haha.  But things seem to have calmed down for now, I'm sure come 5 til bedtime it will be nuts again with sleepy kids and that's always so busy...atleast homework is out of the mix tonight, minus reading time of course.  

They better open the schools again tomorrow.....

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