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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Moving this weekend? End Feb? No next weekend? Hell I don't know.

Well after 4mo of searching we have finally found a house!  Ok well this is number 3.  The first we found got pulled back off the market.  Then the 2nd the day we turned in our app it was leased to someone else.  Now this one, is better than both of the others combined, it's amazing!!!!!!  The day we turned in our app someone else did as well so we started panicking thinking since we asked for them to let us wait to move in until Feb 27th the other people would get it.  So we went back and told them we'll move this weekend if that's what it took to get the house instead of the other people.  The other people backed out, yay! So we changed our move in date back to Feb 27th.  Well now after even MORE issues with our current leasing people we have decided that if we get this house we are moving in Feb 1st.  So now just waiting on the final word, everything so far looks good though.  Until we know for sure I won't post the link because then everytime I look at my blog from now on I'll be sad to see the most perfect house NOT ours.  But until then some things I absolutely LOVE about the house

  • First it's a model home so has every upgrade there is!
  • Each of the boys have their own room, and they are good sizes too
  • The walls aren't white, and neither are the doors even
  • The faucets are gorgeous, this black color
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Huge kitchen with tons of counter space
  • Beautiful light fixtures all throughout, fans in each room
  • Good sized backyard
  • The driveway isn't a huge hill like ours now and it's pebble stuff not just regular cement
  • The bathtub in our room his huge and the shower is separate and really nice as well
  • The boys bathroom even has double sinks
  • Every little detail is just perfect 

Man I hope we get it :)

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