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Monday, January 25, 2010

I've decided

I am not going to let people get to me anymore.  I'm over it, done.  

But just a word of advice to some, you should really think about what you are saying to friends before you say it.  There are some things you can't take back and it will stay with that person for a long time.  Everyone has their own opinion of what is right for themselves, their family and their friends.  But there is one thing that a "friend" should never do....insult another friend's parenting.  Anyone who REALLY knows me knows that everything I do I do with my kids best interest at heart.  My life revolves around them, they are my everything.  I almost never do for myself, it's ALWAYS them first.  And I try my hardest to make sure every decision I make is the absolute best I can do.  I know that, and the people who love me know that.  My right for my family doesn't necc mean "right" for your family, but it damn sure is right for mine and I don't want/need people questioning that.  You may not agree but that's because you aren't in my shoes, you haven't been there since day one with my children, you aren't the one making absolutely every decision for them.  

I would never do something to my children that would cause them any pain unless I thought at that moment I was doing the absolute best for them.  And for you reading it (you know who you are) I never said there was NO pain, you weren't there, you don't know their dr, you don't know my children, you know nothing about the situation, I know what happened and that's all that matters.  Why do some parents vaccinate?  It causes pain.  Because they feel that they are doing the best for their kids even if it might cause a little pain at the moment.  Why do some parents spank?  It causes pain.  Because they feel its the best discipline method for their family.  Now I agree with neither of those 2 things, but does that mean you are wrong???  No.  Does it mean you are abusive?  No.  But apparently my choice with my child makes me wrong, abusive, dumb and I should have had my children taken away at birth????  And I'm the one that thinks I'm always right???  Yeah I see it clearly.  

I don't put down other people's parenting styles, I may not agree with it but I would never go tell them they are wrong and put them down.  Like I said I do what's best for my family, I don't care what anyone else thinks, I don't care what you do with yours, I'm sure you have you reasons for doing it.  Expressing an opinion on a subject, or having a discussion or even having a debate doesn't imply that I think I'm right or my way is the only way, it just says I think my way is best for my family.  People need to learn how to have a discussion and debate without attacking and taking things personally.  

Some people seem to think I always think I'm right but let me make it very clear now...I DON'T

But anyways, no longer letting people get to me.  If they don't care enough to respect my decisions and opinions then apparently they aren't worth my time.  Too bad one of them had to be someone I thought was a best friend, but she made it very clear that is no longer the case.  

So moving on.....

Still no word on the house, hopefully tomorrow..... 

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